Saturday, 2 June 2012

94.7 Fresh FM Freshtival

Those studded shorts! And those boots! With that weird hoody thing! Don't you just love that Adam is a never-ending source of amusement? I can't help but admire his attitude and sense of fun when it comes to his presentation. Here's my playlist:

The set starts off as usual with Trespassing and Kickin' In, which has impressive vocals. I've started to find Brian's banter slightly irritating as he sounds like Adam's echo but maybe the purpose is for sound adjustments. I like his dancing and the energy he brings though. Adam does a bit of melodramatic moaning about the heat at the start of Shady, and it looks like he has a specific dance for those shorts. The humming at the start of WWFM is divine, turning out to be another spellbinding performance.

Adam reluctantly removes his hoody, spoiling his look for Chokehold. It's not the most accurate near the start but those vocals are nothing short of spectacular. There's a bit of a Naked Love synths tease at the start of Broken English, again with a nice guitar solo with staggering wails and runs. Naked Love is next for real and it's funny how Adam tries to be all conservative when it comes to nudity but won't think twice about being sex-grabby and thrusty. IIHY is next and unfortunately Adam sounds lost and off-key flat throughout due to various sound issues. He later apologises and takes the piss out of himself over it. NCOE is followed by Cuckoo where his voice is at its bright and gritty best, sprinkled with wonderful runs.


  1. I note that you don't receive many comments about your wonderful work in putting these videos together .... but wanted you to know that it IS appreciated by many of us. Also, your comments are usually 'right on' with Adam's performances. I have saved many of your "Improved" videos, as they are definitely keepers! Thanks so much for the time you take to give us Adam fans the very best of his performances.