Thursday, 3 December 2009

Bare and Beautiful

It's rare that there's little writing in one of my posts but I thought I would let this heart-stopping photo speak for itself:

Adam Lambert bare no make-up

We've gotten so used to seeing Adam glammed up, it's quite a shock to see him so bare. It coincides with the vulnerability he's shown since the AMA fall-out. Beneath the fierceness, beneath the glitz, beneath the makeup, beneath the sexy, beneath the showman, beneath the rock god veneer, is a beautiful human.


  1. I say we take this beautiful human and head for "The Rabbit Hole", F the world.

  2. Yes, let's all grab each other and head to Wonderland, leaving all this shit behind!

  3. Wow, isn't he just beautiful.

  4. I can see his soul. I never saw his make up as a cover. Even through the most over-the-top performances, I still feel he never breaks that trust with his audience. That sweetness and niceness always shines through.
    That said, this picture is breathtaking. He looks broken open and exposed. How could some continue this outrageous controversy with Adam at the center. He is too good to be talked about like this.

  5. This is more than words! This is more than words! Thankyou AB ~K :)))

  6. This is my favourite photo of him ever so far...and that's saying something!

  7. Oh that's the photo that will sell cds!

  8. This is a beautiful photo for those of us who love him. But...I have to ask if you were in relationship with Adam in person would you post this to to the world? It makes me hope his body guard is big and never sleeps.

    Is it a current photo?- he looks so young.

    I suppose he has brought this on himself but I hope you'll take it down- I've learned to come to your blog for real and professional insight- let's remember that public Adam is a singer and entertainero- he's not a porn star.

    Meant in the nicest way

  9. This photo was taken by People magazine, Dec,09.

  10. You're just too good to be true.
    Can't take my eyes off you.
    You'd be like Heaven to touch.
    I wanna hold you so much.
    At long last love has arrived
    And I thank God I'm alive.
    You're just too good to be true.
    Can't take my eyes off you...

  11. jo_blue, my sentiments exactly - I can't stop staring at it!

    Anonymous(es), I agree that the sweetness is always there too, but because I'm so awed by him, the fact that he is human sometimes drifts to the back of my mind. This affecting photo yanks it back to the fore.
    We must share a brain! That song was going round my head too! And while we're here, I'd love to hear Adam sing it.

    k65535, you're welcome, and thanks for clarifying the origin of the photo!

    LaLa, I think it might be mine too. It's so different to anything else we've had recently and I love that in addition to not being under loads of make-up, it's not overly airbrushed either.

    Lynn, it would be perfect if there were ever an 'Adam unplugged' album. During Idol, I used to think that maybe he might put out his crazy stuff under a Ziggy Stardust-type alter ego and use a different identity for the softer stuff. But since he's managed to put everything together so well, it's not needed.

    Francess, oh my gosh, sorry for the misunderstanding! The photos as k65535 stated are from a shoot from the latest edition of People magazine (see scan here) and were not private photos. I'd like to think I still have some moral fibre left!

  12. WOW. Now that should have been People's cover shot. Beautiful.

  13. I'd like to think that Adam Bombed had some personal photos of Adam!!! Really, got any stashed away???? This photo is simply the best photo ever taken of Adam and should stay on the website to gaze at for eternity....

  14. Gorgeous, hope we see this Adam some time as well as the rock star.

  15. The most perfect photo of him I've ever seen - stripped of all artifice - just a really pure image. The contrast between the usual 'fierce' Adam and the vulnerability of this one is astounding. To me, he's always beautiful because of his amazing spirit but this is unbelievably gorgeous.

  16. This is such a gorgeous photo. Yum!!!!

    AB and company, I've been off line for a couple of weeks, but still totally obsessed with Adam. I wrote about my reaction to his performance at AMA in my blog below. A little too long to post here.

    AB- just now reading about your break up. Hope things are feeling less raw now. As always, thank you for the gift of your insight and humor.

    Can't stop listening to his album--which I was luke warm about initially and now want to hear over and over and over and over again!

  17. Kris, that would make a beautiful cover shot, wonder why they didn't use it.

    Lynn, believe me, if I had a private stash, I'd be too busy to bother with this website!!

    Anonymous(es), that photo still makes me gasp every time I see it. Everything about it seems to pure and sincere.

    Idahophoenix, How did you survive without Adam for a couple of weeks? LOL!
    I'm getting by, thanks, but I'm finding everything a little bit of an uphill struggle at the moment.

  18. I actually gasped when I opened People and saw this pic of Adam. How beautiful and vulnerable he looks. The juxtaposition of the two pics in People show 2 sides of Adam...the "of age" glam rock star and the sweet more childlike side of Adam. BOTH are fantastic.

    P.S. I scored 180 on the test so I guess that officially means I'm obsessed... but then I knew that way back in January!