Friday, 25 December 2009

Crazy Time of Year

Season's greetings everyone! And happy festival of rampant consumerism for all you jaded cynics out there! I hope you all have an enjoyable time no matter what you do. As a little something to say thank you for all your support, I've re-worked a classic Adam performance for you where I've enhanced the picture and stitched together the best shots from the three videos available. This ranks near the top of my favourite pre-Idol gigs and was one that nudged me off the precipice all those months ago, leaving an indelible impression.

A little thumbnail of Adam lined up with the dancers popped up when I performed that fateful Google search. This didn't look like Adam, didn't quite fit in with my impression of Adam at the time and I wondered whether he had a namesake. This matter was put to rest as soon as I heard that unmistakable voice.

From the wide-mouthed lick of the finger in the blue light, I could tell this was going to be one sexy performance. The bassline kicking in is dangerously seductive as Adam lazily rolls his head, stretching as if just waking up, preparing for round two, moaning in horny recovery. The clinging red trousers and vest not only reveal a lot of skin but also Adam's lithe figure amongst other things. His movements are a dance of sexual foreplay and I remember thinking that no straight guy moves like that. There's much focus on the crotch as he sits open-legged and grabs it like a handle to pull himself up with. He prowls the stage like a feline with dance moves that pay homage to Michael Jackson, Elvis and Britney. There's one part in the song where he's a little late coming in, but I love that imperfection because to me it shows that he's totally absorbed in the moment. Just seconds later, we get the crowning note with that astounding riff and just when I think he can't go higher, he hits me with the most incredible sustained and powerful belt. I remember my eyes just widened and I gasped completely awestruck by this bare-footed other-worldly creature who looked like a manga character and was armed with a supernatural voice. I loved the moves that followed. There's something extremely sexy about the neck roll followed by the grace of the pirouette and the lap-dancer gyration back into the chair. He's on fire, which in turn arouses us, the audience. After it's over, we see Adam out of the character, beaming back a smile that would guarantee he would always have his way.

This was one sizzling performance that cranked up the heat, turning me on and teasing me enough to be fucking begging for it by the end. I watched it over and over. This was the performance that told me about Adam's shape-shifting abilities, his sexuality, his swivel hips, his boldness, his boyish charm, his irresistible sex appeal, his talent, his shockingly perfect, powerhouse vocals. This was the performance that got me really excited about him, willing him to push it further on AI and freak people out, eager to see what he would do next. This was what seduced me into falling for him, tipping me over the edge and getting me committed to following him and obsessing about him all this time. He makes us all crazy, but there's something so pleasant about that space, no?

Happy holidays!

DOWNLOAD Crazy - iPod compatible mp4 40.1MB


  1. AB. Luv reading the performance in words. Luv every word you write. And OMG, "grabs it like a handle to pull himself up with"... I am literally laughing out loud.
    He is so sexy in this. And I swear if anyone else in that outfit or doing anything similar, I will laugh my head off. But this? This is totally sexy. I cannot explain except that I am under his spell and loving it every minute.
    Happy time!
    ~K ♥♥♥xxxooo

  2. (from new zealand) – past year was a great year for me; adam played an important part in making it special; following him would not be as half as fun without checking your posts daily and indulging in obsession that we all feel but only you can put so cleverly into words. I have all your posts copied to word and I re-read them as a good book often; maybe you should compile all of this and make a book? I’ll buy it!!!
    It is summer over here and sun is shinning and we are off to the beach for a week … hopefully will find internet caf├ęs somewhere…
    I wish you the best holidays ever and happy new year!! I do not know you, but I love you and am grateful for adam and you and rest of adam’s fans!!!!
    p.s. my favourite bit in this performance is at the beginning when female from audience moans “ohhhh adaaaam” if that is not adamgazam – I do not know what it is!!!!

  3. Oh, thank you, AB. Nice job of editing. But your comments were what got to me the most because it could have been me saying the exact same thing (except you said it better). "That fateful Google search", indeed. I'm curious to know when you first checked him out. For me it was after Ring of Fire. And this is what I found. So, ROF + Crazy = Hooked.
    After seeing Adam's youtube performance, I had to check out the song further (mostly to find the lyrics). Found them, and saw Gnarls Barkley's original version of it.
    Now I notice that Barkley is charting on iTunes right now with this song. Interesting.

  4. A wonderful Christmas present, and a welcome counterweight to the piety of the season. Thank you so much for the enhanced video. I also have such fond memories of first discovering it and realizing how much delectable movement we were missing on Idol, even though Adam ventured more dancing there than any other contestant. Question: am I the only one who thinks his outfit in "Crazy" was a parody of Richard Simmons (the flaming weight-loss guru of the 1980s)? --

  5. You are such a GREAT WRITER!!! ADAM has us ALL under his spell...and we will never escape!! Keep doin what u do..waiting now for hopefully the live feed for GRIDIRON NYE..with ADAM headlining...

  6. Adam Bombed....This is great. You are so talented. I always look forward to your writing, you help me get a "handle" on Adam's performances.
    Thank you.

  7. Greetings Adam : Sharie K here ~~~ I just wanted to let you know that I GET IT !!!
    You are FEARLE$$ ~~ especially during this "Crazy Time of year -~~ WHAAAAT ??
    I love your DARK / MISTERIOUS side ~~~I too enjoy being a bit of a bad girl. You are just the most gorgeous / beautiful man. Everyone is envious of your terrific TALENT AND ORIGINAL THINKING. (YOU have a special persona and sense of style). Please hold on to your unique individual talent. Know IT ! Here are SLURP some FRENCH KISSES for you =>==>==>.......ummm GOOD !!! (I've always wanted to do that ) See, I can be BAD, or I can be GOOD - A FINE LINE THERE !. That little bit dirty, flirty SMILE of yours blows me away and you just gush CHARM from your ENTIRE body – BUT, THE MAIN THING IS “YOUR UNBELIEVEABLE VOICE”~~~it is an entity in its own right. I call it “the Siren” I think you should insure it. Cool ! HAVE A SPECTATULAR and GLORIOUS HOLIDAY SEASON ! Love yA~~SHOW ABOUT IT ? Your Absolute Fan

  8. AB, another fabulous post. Here's my New Year's wish for all the Adammaniacs. May you make fabulous, mind blowing love to your beloved, or even your favorite "pluck" buddy, to Adam's cd. Adam's music + sex = HOT HOT HOT! It will cure all that ails you...for a while anyway :)

  9. This video made my day, week, month and YEAR! Just when I thought Adam couldn't be sexier...

  10. k65535, I guess he's led by the 'handle' here! This performance is so gay but he still manages to completely dominate the female dancers. It's just so powerfully sssssexy!

    From New Zealand, hi! I've been slipping and falling all over the place from all this ice so I'm very jealous of your beach weather! Hope you're having a wonderful holiday. I've been using this video to keep warm & save on heating bills!
    Thank you for your comment, I have no idea how to turn this into a book but I'm not sure it would work because I think it needs the videos.
    It's so steamy, I can't imagine what it would've been like to have been in the audience. Adamgasms indeed! I'd really love to see another performance like this from Adam. I also love the bit at the end when the dancer comes back on stage and says 'How hot was that?'

    Anonymous, re 'that fateful Google search', click on the link and you'll get a description of how I when I opened Pandora's box! I knew he was one to watch right from the audition, was amazed by his voice during Some Kind of Wonderful, was completely won over by his performing skills at Satisfaction, fell completely hook line and sinker for those balls of steel at RoF but only Googled him after MW, which led me to where I am today.

    colorforadam, Adam indeed!

    JulieMarie, hope you had a superb Christmas! I want to see him move like that again, he's such a minx! I'm not aware of Richard Simmons - should I Google him? Or will that change how I see this video in future? I just thought Adam looked blingingly sporty.

    sktorok, thank you! Adam sums it up very well in the line 'Once I'm in I own your heart'. Unfortunately no live feed, but I'm sure there will be plenty of videos and I'll be on hand to do my editing!

    Adamspirit, BWAHAHAHA! I wonder if we could handle it if we saw this live!

    Sharie K, I love your enthusiasm in your comment! You've summed up so much of what we love about Adam, thank you.

    Idahophoenix, hahaha, thanks for a wonderful wish! Hope you're plucking busy over this festive period and are keeping warm with some central heating.

    kosh-1662, whoa, glad you've had a great year! The way he writhes around the stage is just so freakin' sexy! I think the sexiest moves are the slow ones, like when he stretches his neck or creeps forward.

  11. AB Do NOT Google Richard Simmons Repeat DO NOT. It will change things for you. I never really watched this video before because of the outfit. JulieMarie is exactly right.
    I think together you and I could handle most anything. What one of us didn't think of the other would. Oh so much fun.

  12. Great description, I agree with what you said, this video made me realize that Adam was going to be so much more than what he presented on Idol.

  13. Hmmm the download link keeps timing out - Glammit! LOL

  14. Jacki, There have been some intermittent problems with the site that hosts the files. It seems to be working right now so please try again and let me know how you get on.

  15. The file seems to be removed from the DL site /o\
    Is there any other way to DL this vid?

    1. I afraid I decided to disable the downloads because some people were taking the piss.