Thursday, 17 December 2009

We KNOW Adam Can Sang!

When I'd heard that Adam was singing WWFM on the final of So You Think You Can Dance, I was disappointed that this was probably the end for TV performances of FYE in the US. I was hoping he'd be able to derive the satisfaction of nailing a new and improved FYE dance number proving he could sing it live, but alas it was not to be. My expectations of this performance after seeing all the multiple versions of WWFM had been tweaked. I thought it might be a slightly toned-down affair where he would dial it back and put the focus back onto his voice.

As soon as he got introduced (notice how Cat Deeley's face suddenly lit up on mentioning his name), I was scrambling to see what he looked like and it seemed to take a frustratingly long time to pan in from various wide-angle shots. After seeing all the photos of him dressed down in 'day clothes' on the various shows and hosting gigs, I yelped with delight that he'd dressed up for the occasion. The light grey suit was slim-fitting and was jazzed up a with a random dead black thing as a shoulder accoutrement. One of the first things that came to mind for some reason was a Bond villain, namely Blofeld with his cat. I half expected him, with a menacing grin to stroke it and it would twitch back to life. The button-down shirt was the one from the AMA red carpet, and the hairdo was an upswept asymmetrical fauxhawk. To give him that extra bit of edge, the look was completed with a metallic-looking glittery tie, fingerless leather gloves and spats on his feet. His makeup with the tear streak was a beautiful touch.

One of the things that struck me was the similarity to the AMA look and I think this was a clever move. Since the song has a very different vibe, he could've chosen a very different look to disassociate himself with the AMA performance, re-establishing himself with a different image, but I think the point was to stamp his identity even further into our consciousness. The fact that he came out looking similar says to me that he's owning that performance and and has no regrets. It's to confirm that, yes, it's the same person doing both performances even though they're very different, and range is an integral part of who Adam is as an artist. There are also some marked differences as well. Where he previously had vicious spikes adorning his shoulder, there's something quite mournful about the slightly pitiful remains of the twisted black 'corsage'. There's no aggression, and coupled with the tear stain the look suggests a vulnerable and tragic hero who has somewhat fallen from grace and is pleading for patience, fitting in perfectly with the song's narrative and real-life circumstance.

Leona didn't sound great earlier on in the evening, so I wasn't without concern about sound issues and held my breath for so long I almost fainted. But WOWOWOWOW! Fucking hell! That was by far the best vocal of WWFM yet! Those first few soft notes were very promising, delivered as Adam scanned the crowd before pulling out his earpiece. I loved the scrapey tone of 'afraid' that was missing from the recent renditions and was pleased that the sound mix was was much better and fuller. He was subtle with his expressions but did look straight at the camera with a knowing twitch of the eyebrow at 'But now'. The falsetto 'It's me' first debuted on Conan made a very welcome return. When he took the mic off the stand, about 50 different clip snippets of WLL from the tour flashed in front of my eyes and I wonder how much conscious effort it took to refrain from stroking it suggestively. I worried for a moment that he got caught short of breath at 'Please, please don't give in' but it was just a means of varying up the song. When Tommy pressed his back to Adam's I half expected a butt-grab, especially as I'd been looking at the looping gif from the FYE music video. But what we got was an even more delicious blink-and-you'll-miss-it sneaky smirk with a quick and naughty flick of the tongue. Oh Adam! Even on his best behaviour he can't resist a little mischief! We got to see the Lite Stix that Longineu was campaigning for, and did you notice Monte's huge platforms and Lisa's new hairdo? Well neither did I as it took me several watches too, but the whole ensemble looked fabulous. The bit of the song I'd been most nervous about was the high 'don't' after the synth break because he'd often been sharp on it but I found myself whooping and punching the air in exhaltation as he nailed it. When he let rip at the end, I was already celebrating and doing a happy dance at what had been a fantastic few days in the Adam world. The last shot was of a strained face as on the end of ToMT before the camera zoomed out. There were a few too many wide angle shots during the song for my liking, but right at the end when Adam, smiling and gracious, turned to acknowledge the band, I was transported all the way back to AI and felt like I was about to burst with pride. It had been a while since I'd last felt such a happy buzz after watching Adam. It was a beautiful performance which I loved.

This brought the focus back to Adam's undeniable talent and once-in-a-generation voice. Although his shoulder ornament is an amusing talking point and has taken some column inches, there is absolutely no slack to hand to the critics. It was the most perfect vocal of WWFM to date and he certainly stepped it up and delivered on the right occasion. He worked the stage like an ex-lover confidently dressed to the nines, bringing everyone touched by his aura onto their knees and eliciting schadenfreude-loaded glances directed at ABC. The tease painfully wrung out of ABC nothing but regret. This was the ideal high-profile follow-up which has successfully exorcised the demons of the AMA fall-out. Maybe that's what those shoulder remnants are.

Bravo Adam & band! *Standing ovation*

I was still buzzing with excitement and wide awake when Chelsea Lately was on but unfortunately couldn't find a stream. She seemed to be rushing the interview along and I would have preferred if she'd done a little less talking. I loved Adam's sarcasm when dealing with the erroneous assumption that gay people automatically find other gay people attractive. It's rather ridiculous when you think of the straight equivalent. Adam was charming throughout and I was pleased that he was so comfortable and open talking about his acid trip.


  1. First eyebrow twitch - as in Beth
    Suit, tie, hair, Tommy action - as in AMA
    little smile during Tommy back bend - as in first WWL in Portland
    and mic action - to remind us of the tour

    what else did I miss?

  2. That back to back standing with Tommy...a huge FU.
    The gorgeous piece of fabric on his shoulder and the awesome black and white shoes...That just said I can what ever the f i want and you will love it!
    The vocals...epic! The last piece of the song when he belted out the high notes...the cheers from the audience...priceless!
    On top of it, the mic action and rubbing it slowly up and down...leave it up to adam to make a song dirty!
    The make up and the tear drop...a beautiful touch to say that he is a bit upset but at the same time rising to the stardom!
    He pulled all that off in a light gray suit!!!
    And he was LIVE!
    Take that ABC!


  3. Best WWFM performance so far, indeed! What an appearance! I think it was definitely with some meaning.
    I remember my first opera I saw (I was 16). It was Pagliacci. Aria “Vesti la giubba” (Put on the costume) moved me to tears. I still remember this feeling. Adam performance just reminded me this one special moment in my life. Diana

    To act! While out of my mind,
    I no longer know what I say,
    or what I do!
    And yet it's necessary... make an effort!
    Bah! Are you not a man?
    You are Pagliaccio!
    Put on your costume,
    powder your face.
    The people pay to be here, and they want to laugh.
    And if Harlequin shall steal your Columbine,
    laugh, Pagliaccio, so the crowd will cheer!
    Turn your distress and tears into jest,
    your pain and sobbing into a funny face - Ah!
    Laugh, Pagliaccio,
    at your broken love!
    Laugh at the grief that poisons your heart!

  4. I cannot wait to see the performance, but love your description. I`ll come back to comment when I get the chance. :)
    Thanks. ~K.

  5. Hey Adam Bombed - Loved the SYTYCD performance! Best yet, loved the outfit - even the strange whatever you call it on the shoulder thingy - very edgy.

    I was really disappointed, though in the Chelsea Lately interview. Why does everything have to boil down to his sexuality? He can be amusing on just about any topic, and yet the only thing that pops up is gay, gay, gay. Enough already. She was not funny. I thought she was obnoxious. I did get the feeling that he got a BIT annoyed by some of it and gave some snark back. Good.

    Found you on youtube! You go girl. Have a wonderful holiday.

  6. ad, I think you managed to catch everything Adam, though it took me repeated viewings to see what else was going on.

    1877, that back-to-back with Tommy - wonder if it got the execs panicked for a moment! I'm glad he balanced the good behaviour out with that wicked smile of his.
    The suit needed something on the shoulder to give it that high fashion edge and it's hilarious that it's gotten so much attention. I'm sure it was all very tongue-in-cheek.
    I agree with everything you say and I can't stop watching it - it's amazing! I hope ABC are bleeding with regret.

    Diana, I've never seen Pagliacci so I've learned something new here. He sounds like such a sad but admirable character from that beautiful extract. Were you also moved to tears when you saw Adam?

    k65535, hope you're enjoying your trip! This performance is definitely worth the wait - I'm sure you'll love it.

    Lynn, add me to the list of those tired of mentions of the gay and the AMAs and wish interviewers would move on. It would be nice if the rest of the world who don't follow Adam get to know more about his talent and engaging personality. But I guess those alone don't make him newsworthy. I'm glad he got out his snark & pulled her up on it and think she looked a bit sheepish. Her style is a bit too aggressive and I think the best interviews come about when Adam is allowed to speak freely.
    Hope you enjoy the Adam stuff on my channel - there's actually a feed showing all my latest uploads on the sidebar here on the right to let you know if there's anything new.
    Thank you and have a great holiday too!

  7. (from australia)I agree AB, this was a flawless Adam performance of WWFM. I love the changes to some of the vocal, particularly'It's me', the falsetto part, and some of the changes to the end of the song. I agree with Lynn about the Chelsea interview. Can we move on please? I wish Adam would do FYE live so that he can show everyone that he can nail this vocal live, it's a great song, so much commercial potential!

  8. Adam Bombed,
    As usual I totally agree with all you said plus so enjoy reading your thoughts.
    I have 2 questions - Do you know if Adam has seen your blog? I would love it if he has. Also, how do I find your you tube site mentioned in the comments. Will visit anything you post!
    Thanks so much.
    Anonymous 5

  9. Oh, this performance made me want to kiss Tommy. Adam has been gracious about saying Tommy is straight in interviews, but I was glad to see that Tommy clearly is having fun playing with Adam's sexy vibe. It has been amazing to see our lad on so many best of lists and all over the TV. I can't wait to see him perform some of his other songs--especially looking forward to Fever. I'm actually ok with all the talk about his being gay--as part of the queer community I can't tell you how much it means to me to have this charming, sexy, talented, quick-witted man who is so comfortable in his own skin, out and about. AB -your commentary is as wonderful as the performance!

  10. From Australia, me too! I want to see a live version of FYE nailed with the big production. I feel annoyed that it hasn't been that well received so far in the US. Why does 'radio friendly' translate to bland over there?

    Anonymous 5, I have no idea if Adam has seen this blog - it's just one of many from his fans. Although I'd love it if he has, part of me thinks I'd get all self-conscious if I knew he visited.
    Here is the link to my YouTube channel There are loads of video edits there from the tour and my latest uploads are listed in the sidebar. I guess I should make a clearer link to it from here.

    Idahophoenix, your comment really made me smile! He does seem to have a gender-bending effect which I guess makes many people uncomfortable. I love that Tommy was up for it because that kiss was rough and HOT!
    I'd like to see some other songs performed before I get bored of WWFM. Topping my list is Down The Rabbit Hole because it would make for some trippy performance art. Fever would be great as well and I hope to see him do some dancing as one of my favourite pre-Idol performances was Crazy at Art4Life.

  11. AB, come back but still very tired. Tnks. This is my fav. of WWFM so far. My fav. line is ,"It's me. I'm a freak.." HAHA. Luv the performance not so much on the interview. It's kinda boring. The Leno's one is much more fun and more real.
    ~K (k65535)

  12. As much as I love all that Adam sings, says, the black turd like blob on his shoulder was very distracting and unattractive. I couldn't imagine what it was supposed to symbolize, as it reminded me of buffalo excrement and this was another opportunity for him to remind all of his incredible talent and ultimate good looks. I don't make negative comments about Adam because he's the best, most talented man I've ever seen, and I love him to pieces, but for me, not one of his finest wardrobe choices.It actually took the focus off of his performance, which never happened before or since. Sorry, just had to let it out.

  13. Anonymous, don't worry, feel free to express your honest opinion here. I have to giggle at your strong dislike for the 'thing' though! I agree it looked horrible and was distracting but looking on the bright side, it has given us a source of amusement as we can't help but take the piss out of it in all sorts of creative ways!

  14. Satisfied my feeding frenzy again - thankyou XX

  15. This performance is a total symbol of early Era 1 and how far Adam's much he learnt from his 'mistakes' and from the amazing Glam Nation and the process of writing his own music. Adam was dangerous and mysterious...and while he's still the same Adam, he's more in control now...AND more free. And his soul has become more settled and I think he understands himself more.

    I feel like my heart and his are somehow connected sometimes <3


  16. P.S Totally prepared for Era 2 <3 <3

  17. Lucy, the learning curve was a tough one at the time but all the hurt has helped him grow. It has manifested itself in his performances, making them better through that genuine emotion. I think we all feel that connection when he's on stage. I agree he seems more settled, content and self-assured.