Sunday, 13 December 2009

Our Glitter-Spangled Star

This must be one of the most eagerly anticipated videos of Adam's performances so far after that little teaser from Fox News. This is still only partial, but it's enough to become awestruck once again by the marvel that is Adam's voice. The precision of the pitch through the octave-jumping, the control, the dynamism, the power and the clarity of tone are just stunning stunning stunning. And the riffing is a superb touch which adds that little bit of glittery pizzazz for a star-studded occasion. It's impossible not to feel both moved and proud.

Now compare this to Adam's beautifully sombre and sensitive performance at the military base way back during his AI homecoming, sung in a lower key and without any of the show notes:

And let's not forget this incredible vocal from Burning Man, which is a sung with musical accompaniment in such a high key that Adam breaks in to 'Baa's half way through. It's zany, chaotic and hilarious:

Still have my fingers crossed for a full length video and a video of the duet from the ADL evening.


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