Thursday, 10 December 2009

A View of Lions Tamed

The quote of the day from Ringmaster Adam has to be “I'm a little different. My dreidel spins the other way.”

Impatience has a time-warping effect and it seems like such a long time since the last televised performance. It doesn't help that we know Adam gave performances at the Vevo and ADL events but have yet to see videos of those. His appearance as one of the ten most fascinating people was disappointingly short, just going over AMA and gay, with little more than a few sentences from him. There was nothing new there for fans, but at least there were plenty of clips showcasing Adam's voice. Again, there followed more controversy and proof of Adam's point about double standards because Gaga's same-sex kiss was shown but Adam's wasn't.

Adam's announcement about appearing on The View was one of the many WTF? moments recently, but it seemed that Barbara Walters had already been won over. The show would be pre-taped just so that ABC wouldn't have to concede complete and utter defeat in the matter. I guess they wanted to make a point to show that Adam hadn't earned back the trust of the network yet, rather than really believe he wouldn't be able to resist tempting everyone into simulating oral sex with him.

I'd never seen The View but had seen the clips of their conservative prude Elisabeth Hasselbeck criticising Adam's AMA performance. I thought this would make for an interesting showdown coming second only to one with Billy O'Reilly. It seems that she got warned (threatened?) by Adam's fans to be pleasant to him and in order to reassure everyone, she gave Adam her phone to tweet from.

Well there was never any doubt in my mind of the power of Adam's charms once the ladies got within his glittery aura. I'd seen it time and time and again throughout every single interview. Adam always manages to disarm even those with the sharpest of knives aimed at him and this was no different. From the photo that was released before the show of Adam with huge fluffy hair all coiffed up dressed as rockstar for the daytime, we could tell. From the body language of smiling eyes all fixed upon him and legs crossed towards him I could see that the ladies were putty. They weren't lions hungry for a mauling but kittens playfully tugging him for attention. Hasselbeck even ended up defending Adam's AMA performance and made sure to give him a chance to talk about his charity work.

We'd already seen three recent performances of WWFM, all subtly different though I couldn't help but feel that I was going to get bored of this being the only song that Adam would be performing on the promo circuit, much like I did with MW straight after AI. I don't find it the most exciting song and wondered how Adam would keep it interesting. That was answered the moment the camera showed the jaw-droppingly brilliant set. It was hilariously camp and reminded me of Top Of The Pops re-runs from the 70s. The crudely written ADAM at the back was in a punk style, but the pink, red and yellow neon were so cheesily OTT disco-glam. Are you sure there were enough lights Adam?! This, unlike the album cover, needed no explaining for it was extremely and unashamedly kitsch. Like a kid at Christmas, I was so mesmerised by the lighting I paid little attention to the song when I first saw it on the stream. I just couldn't believe that this set was on daytime TV on The View. Adam sang it beautifully and the mix sounded better than in the previous performances. It wasn't quite perfect though, as the guitar and the voice lacked a little richness for me, but the backing vocals showed no signs of dissonance nor were they overpowering. My favourite part of the vocals are the very soft extended notes with a little vibrato mixed in, like 'down' at 3:06. There were a few iffy notes after that, like the 'don't' which he's been sharp on before, but the final note with the breath at the end just takes my breath away.

This was family-friendly Adam being his charming self warning people this is no longer Idol but his career, and to expect a difference. With the cancellation of Larry King, let's just hope that this is the point at which a bright, neon-lit line has been drawn underneath the AMAs. This was a great interview from Adam, who was assertive, personable and quick-witted, the perfect combination of 'Aww!' and 'Phwoar!'


  1. The "dreidle" comment was the best. Adam has such quick wit, I love it.
    What made me sick was Sherri & the half wit Lizzy. (I know,I know) your saying Adam has taught us to be kinder, but we also have to be true to ourselves and call it like we see it. If you watched The View, Mon. after the AMA's these two skanks were so nasty talking about Adam. Today they both did some back peddling and they had to touch him and kiss him, such hypocrites. There now I feel better with that off my chest. I did say it the nicest way possible. Thanks for all you do and for being a listening ear.

  2. Ha, ha... I did not understand at the beginning the dreidel comment since I'm not native speaker. So funny. Thanxs for quoting the phrase.

  3. Well, I KNEW Adam would have those ladies of The View eating out of their money grubbing little hands. He is such a friggin' doll, no one can resist his charms. Right wing nut ball Elizabeth, kissing the feet of Glambert was quite a sight, huh? His performance, by the way as FLAWLESS...loved how he changed up the end.

    What are we going to to, Adam Bombed? Am I going to be an obsessed fangirl when I'm 65? Scary!! My family already thinks I'm nuts. Oh be it. I'm so happy I have an outlet for my fanaticism!! Thanks!

  4. OMG! I am so happy without Adam even trying, Elizabeth was kissing his butt. I didn't know the power of glamberts!
    WWFM is actually a family-friendly fu to those who
    keep criticizing him and asking the same questions over and over in the interviews, but at this point I am hoping he would start performing a different song like sleepwalker, master plan, broken open or music again.
    My dreidle spins the other way...OMFG...EPIC!
    Thanks for the post!


  5. Adamspirit, feel free to bitch away, I wanted to slap Hasselbeck too after what she said! Isn't it funny how Adam's recent critics have all done their fair share of backpedalling? Sherri was still a little stubborn though and tried to go on the offensive.
    I do wonder whether the changes of heart are wholly due to the Adam effect, or my cynical self half-believes that some are simply trying to ride Adam's coat-tails and avoiding the wrath of angry fans.

    Anonymous, you're welcome! Even though I'm a native speaker, I had to look it up.

    Lynn, love it when your snark comes out! I do wonder what the point of Hasselbeck is but I have to say, after seeing her fangirling all over Adam, I've *gasp* softened a little towards her.
    Hope Adam still continues to make you feel like a teenager when you get to 65! The great thing about being nuts is getting an extended youth!

    1877, I think Glamberts when properly mobilised can be quite intimidating. But they can also really help to elevate your popularity and I think a lot of people have realised this and have decided to bask in his halo.
    I really want to see Down The Rabbit Hole - I think the visual presentation of it would make for a spectacular show. I guess we'll have to wait until the Gridlock gig to hear other songs.