Thursday, 23 April 2009

Top 7 (Part II) Results - Group Performance

The results show was billed to have a group performance choreographed by Paula Adbul, which I looked forward to because I hadn't seen many of Adam's moves so far, especially in a set routine. Ever since I saw his Crazy video, I knew that he would do really well in the dancing department although they'd never allow him to dance like that on the show!

There was a clip showing the preparation for the routine, with Adam doing situps, goofing around and talking about being worked hard and sweating, to which he wiped his forehead with a tissue, mouthing a 'thank you' to whoever it was that handed it to him with a very cheeky and mischievous look on his face. One of his very cute moments.

The routine was set to Michael Jackson's 'Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)' and when the group came on, the first thing I noticed were the silly amateurish clothes. It seemed like a tongue-in-cheek parody, like a bunch of students going to their weekly cheap and cheerful 'Cheesy Funk' night instead of American Idol. Everyone apart from Adam wore sunglasses with most of the outfits just not working, although they were funny. One of the first awkward moments came when Matt sung in his falsetto shortly after the start which, despite being pre-recorded, I thought sounded terrible. Other cringe-inducing moments came from Danny, who should have his arms and legs tied together whenever on stage so he can't even attempt to dance, Kris, who was awkward and completely devoid of rhythm in his solo, and Matt who didn't quite pull off impersonating Justin Timberlake. I thought Lil and Allison did well but Anoop seemed to have a little difficulty in fully committing to his moves.

Adam was by far the best dancer there, with great lines aided by his long, slender frame. He seemed very supple, getting deep down in the knees and his movements were very full, fluid and natural. He had great timing and rhythm. He had a couple of solo parts which I found hilarious. The first was a dance solo and he did a couple of loose-limbed lunges and a wave from fingertip through the arms to fingertip and back, with a funny expression on his face. I thought it was so cheesily OTT and realised he was being intentionally goofy and taking the piss. He reminded me so much of Mr. Tickle then! The other solo was a singing part and he did some Jacko-esque hip-shaking and shoulder-shifting. The routine ended with a lot of hip-thrusts, which Adam did with conviction. He was the only one to appear like he didn't have a spare arm that he didn't know what to do with. All the contestants seemed to really enjoy it, and I was beaming watching what I thought to be Adam just relaxing and having fun because it looked so effortless for him.

I loved the whole routine, which was a fabulous ironic cheese-fest done with attitude right through to the primary-school-project plain white Comic Sans MS graphics in the background. They should definitely get Paula doing more of these in the future!

When it came to announcing who was at the bottom, Adam graciously nodded to his screaming fans and thanked the judges. He then explained a little about how the arrangement of the song wasn't of utmost importance, as long as he was able to honestly emote the lyrics to the audience. He was told to sit down and was safe.

One more Adam appearance I noted was when the Anoop and Lil tribute clips were shown, Adam tenderly touched Lil's face and said some words which made her laugh. It was just another Adam moment to melt my heart.


  1. Well, you are my hero Lambossesed!!! I worked myself through AI clips, and your comments are so spot on, so funny, really deep sometimes.. I been through some rough times lately so this was what I needed!!! Gosh, you made me laugh so hard through the night<3<3<3 While waiting for Adam and his band to be back from vacation, this was a great oppertunety to recall the bittersweet past. Take good care, and thanks for all joy, and hard work, and everything you've done for us who LOVE Adam<333333333 I'm so appreciating your efforts... by the way, I really love the t-shirts:)))

  2. sorry.. I ment to write "Mette from Sweden"(wich explains some spelling misstakes, hehe)

  3. Mette, I'm thrilled you enjoyed re-living the journey. It feels like he's come such a long way since those AI days. Hope your rough times are over and you get to celebrate by seeing Adam in Stockholm.

  4. the audio is garbled on this like when someone disguises their voice.

  5. I love watching this. I still do as I did when AI8 was airing, my eyes keep focused frantically on/for Adam. I would get a bit irritated if someone got in my line of view of Adam.

  6. Anonymous(es), oops, sorry. The video's sound is fixed now. Vimeo had problems processing it as it played fine on my computer.

    Adam seems to be the natural focus for my eyes during this routine too. He has the most commanding presence on stage. He's the tallest, has the best lines and the biggest range of movement out of everyone. I also feel your irritation at him being obscured!

  7. Thanks for reposting this tonight love, we needed some comedic relief after the controversy that seems to not be going away.

    #NOH8 --- some just say it, others live it. xoxo

  8. Anonymous, I'm glad that we're finally getting over the controversy. I thought that the fans' attack without any facts was well out of order. I'm very excited by news of the latest collaboration though, which has been a welcome shift in focus.