Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sleepwalking Tonight

How much do I fucking love this performance?

I didn't stay up for the stream so the first thing I did after getting up was seek out this Leno video. I'd seen it twittered about that the song was going to be Sleepwalker but didn't think much more about this first televised performance because I'm still not quite functioning normally after that acoustic WLL.

As always with Adam, his visual presentation hits me first before anything else and this look is an eye-popping WOW. In all the recent TV performances, he'd been dressed fairly down for WWFM so I wasn't expecting this for Sleepwalker. Looking fabulously glammed up to the max, I realise how much I've missed the dressing up. The huge spiky asymmetric quiff that looks like Sonic the Hedgehog in profile is gloriously OTT. There is something very retro-space-glam about his look, reminding me of both Ming the Merciless and Star Trek but infinitely more sparkly. It's the eye make-up (with rhinestones, bitch!) and regally ornate detailling on his jacket & boots that recall Ming. And despite all the jewels, the cut of the jacket teamed with the stripe down the side of his trousers is rather utilitarian. It must be his captain's uniform for when he's commanding his spaceship. After all, I don't expect him to be flying to Australia in something as normal or earthly as a plane!

I haven't even got to the singing yet. My word. He said he now warms up before performing and maybe that made a difference. I watched intently for any changes on this perfect rendition. The way he belts instead of going into falsetto on 'You're everything that I want' makes a vast difference to the song, delivering the impact that I feel was missing from the album recording. He's so expressive singing with such passion that I can't help but be awestruck. Although I do chuckle slightly as I see that tongue snaking out as he hits those highs. I love that incredible belt as it really gets the song rocking. In contrast, the final seraphic note on the ending is just sublime keeping my eyes wide open, stunned throughout.


  1. Hi, I am a regular here but this is my first comment to post...
    I can't agree enough your ”I'm still not quite functioning normally after that acoustic WLL.”, I mean, how many people did Adam give damage to!

    This Leno set also surprised me like you said, in fashion wise and performance wise.
    I love how he surprise us. That keeps me going!

  2. "Let me out of this dreaaaaaaaaaaaaaam." No, I don't want to. This is fabulous. My mind is still on WLL. I'll definitely come back to listen to this again. Thanks for your write up. LOL on the comment on Star Strek. TY :D

  3. AB, I love this quote! "It must be his captain's uniform for when he's commanding his spaceship"

    So apt! Even though, judging only on the out of the world vocals, it's more an Admiral's uniform for when he's commanding his fleet.

    You know, that's what I honestly don't understand about American Idol last season. I don't wish to beat a dead horse, but perhaps I have the distinct advantage of having watched the season only after "discovering" Adam last november, after the AMAs and Letterman, never heard about AI before.

    Well, I've then watched it, then asked a few of my closest friends to watch it, and they showed it to a few other people, too.

    We all (and I'm speaking about a group of people of different ages, musical tastes etc and who hadn't heard about American Idol and/or Adam Lambert before) agreed that the difference in sheer talent was so vast it wasn't even funny: no offense meant, but it really wasn't a competition.

    One of my closest friends, who is male, straight as an arrow and Queen fan(atic) to the point of obsession actually didn't think it was sacrilegious comparing Adam's vocals to Freddie's!

    Sorry for the OT, AB! Awesome recap, and where can we sign a petition to ask for an album exclusively made by live performances? I really think that the album was a little overproduced at times...

  4. What a great performance and your write up just rocks AB. He does look a little Star Trekky doesn't he? Still, he looks fabulous. I think this live performance of the song outdoes the album version. Also wanted to say, I'm so glad you're back writing again - you have a real talent for it. Obsession paired with talent makes for a great blog, so thankyou so much for your efforts.

  5. I was there live @ Leno and Adam looked sensational. The outfit was more sparkly in person than it appeared on television, and he wore it well!! He's been vocally on fire this week, with the stellar FS concert and now this fantastic version of "Sleepwalker" - one of my personal favorites on FYE.

    Do you think this will be his next single, then?
    I loved when Leno told him it will be his biggest hit so far; Jay loved the song & he is very supportive of Adam, YAY!

  6. Bravo to Adam for spectacular performance! Bravo to Adam’s stylist and make-up artist! AB, thank you for article! Retro-space-glam and spaceship captain’s uniform – exactly my first thoughts watching this performance. Adam is chameleon and he should be (or already is) dream model for designers, stylists, photographers...I think we will see him as an exclusive “X” (Dior???) brand new “face” soon... Diana

  7. (From NZ) – flying to Sydney to see Adam (he’ll be signing FYE). Just found out that he will be performing at Mardi Gras party that night!!!! E-mailed organisers – they will not deny or confirm, but gosh, I’m gonna be there!!!!! Can not believe my luck!!!! Haven’t had a decent sleep for days and am beside myself from excitement.
    WWL – have been on repeat in my ear since Sunday!!! Robert Plant, sorry mate, but Adam owns that song now. Unfuckingbelievable!!! After every performance, I think, well this is it. Perfection. How can he improve on perfection? And than he does WWL or Broken Open or Sleepwalker on Leno….. to say that I love him would be understatement; I feel so much more.

  8. Wow, Yet another OTT performance Loved it. AB Thank for posting & writing about it. I have so missed your amusing spot on writings. (Sonic)lol. Absolutely.

  9. Ditto on each and every above comment. These late performances keep me up all night. Have to listen over and over. Just can't wait to see what he will do next - like on Idol, knowing he will keep us in awe. I have said from the beginning - he is better live than studio. Rare talent there. He really feeds off of the audience. Must have something to do with the way he has emotionally connected with so many of us. I insisted on downloading the live video performances from Idol because there is so much more emotion than the studio versions. I could watch him live every day! (but would get no sleep at all)
    Thanks again all for putting into words exactly what I am thinking.
    Anonymous 5

  10. HiLo, hi and thanks for your comment! I'm still sonically lobotomised after that WLL and it's been days! I'm looking forward to many more surprises.

    K(*Glitter*), it's the first thought that dropped into my head as I saw it!

    kosh-1662, I think you're right, he's not as lowly as a mere captain!
    I've watched a few episodes of AI this season and it just goes to reinforce how special and rare a talent Adam is because no one can even come anywhere close.
    I'm right with you there. I always prefer the live performances because there's a rawness in his voice that the studio fails to capture. It's like it's tamed in some way when he doesn't have the audience energy to feed off. And rather than just an album, I'll be the first in line to buy a DVD because he's so visually compelling.

    jo_blue, thanks! I love this look of his too, it's just so fun. It's taken some time to get back into the flow of things after having been away. It doesn't help that I feel I'm buried under a mountain of videos and feel like I'm constantly playing catch-up!

    glenda, so pleased you got to see this live, did you end up screaming your face off?!
    Adam has said his next single's likely to be IIHY. Perhaps Sleepwalker would be the safer option for the US audience where he's more likely to get commercial success. I have a feeling it's still not finalised though, with many lobbying for Fever to be the next single, which I think is more representative of his sound to come. I guess it depends on whether radio stations will play it. I didn't think the pronoun was an issue until I found out some are so conservative they even censored WWFM's 'damn'.
    Yes, Leno is a total Fanboy!

    Diana, he'd certainly be a fabulous model for clothes because he wears them so well. And more than that, I think he would make an excellent muse for any designer because of his ability to inspire.

    From NZ, YAAAAY! I'm so excited for you. Please come back and tell us all about it, would love to hear about his Mardi Gras antics.
    It's such a gift he has to sing any song and ruin it for anyone else singing them in the future. He even makes the originals sound like poor cover versions!

    Adamspirit, thanks. I remember I played a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog when I was young. And his partners all seem to resemble his sidekick Tails too!

    Anonymous 5, thanks! It's been a while since he last surprised me as much, with Fantasy Springs and Leno being the one-two punch. I'm pretty sleep-deprived myself after watching watching and watching. I completely agree with you on preferring the live performances. I don't think he should just release albums of music - he should release DVDs.

  11. I just woke up to this! I guess I was not awake yet after Fantasy Springs - this is possibly my favorite Sleepwalker - and after WLL it's my favorite song- Wow did he ever nail this TV perfornance!!! I know Leno loves him and that surely helps. Welcome back, my friend, and thanks for re-posting this - you are the best!!!

  12. Francess40, ah, glad you didn't miss this completely! This is one of my favourite looks of his too.

  13. Did u know, that THIS is my favorite Sleepwalker... It's just sooo perfect. It's almost slightly surreal. Adam's hair is very Jimmy Neutrom :)They stay so still, (except Tommy, who once again, didn't get the memo!)Very intense. I did miss Monte's solo though...

  14. Anonymous, I think it might be mine too, the voice sounds much better than on on the album. Love the Jimmy Neutron hair as well! (I had to look that one up.)