Monday, 5 April 2010

Berning up Stockholm Squeeden

I think I got some karmic retribution for my last post in the form of internet failure over the last few days if that makes you feel any better! So this post is a little overdue. One thing I've learned about the Adam's trip is that there seem to be plenty of good cameras among the Swedes who brought us some stunning footage of this intimate little acoustic set.

It seemed like a very long time since Adam's last gig where I'd wonder about the outfit and the little changes he'd make to the song. It's extremely rare that I don't like Adam's look but I have to admit I am not a fan of the double-peak hair, which I liken to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. There's just something unpleasantly untidy about it going off in all directions, which is at odds with the smart uniform of the jacket. Here are my picks as a playlist - use the arrows on either side to select the song:

I get the feeling that Adam is a little cranky during this set after mentioning being tired. This last stretch of the promo tour was quite intense with no time to rest. There appear to be several sound problems and more of a caustic edge to the chastising of a nattering audience member. Music Again starts off bouncing along nicely, leading to the best WWFM I've heard in a while from the power with which he sings it. I find Sleepwalker a little imprecise when it comes to the riffing but the passion makes up for it. Mad World is attacked and has the best ending while Broken Open is beautiful. The set ends once again with the energetic DTRH where Adam can't resist getting those hips into action. Now it's back home for Adam and I'm feeling very jealous that the UK was the only country he visited that didn't get any performances. I would have really loved an intimate gig like this one as I think they're going to be rare and difficult to attend once he hits stardom here.


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