Friday, 30 April 2010

G-A-Y Heaven

This is only going to be a quick post otherwise I'll never manage to catch up with this media blitz. I intended to go to this gig and was more excited about this one than the HMV one. It was the first UK concert and to an audience of predominantly cute gay guys so I fully expected Adam to be in horny mode on fire playing up to the crowd. But I'd been out all day and all evening with friends I hadn't seen in a very long time so my timekeeping was slack to say the least. I swear that since I was born premature, my lack of punctuality has been making up for it ever since. I expected Adam to be late so arrived as a huge crowd of people were leaving, telling me that I'd just missed it. I was gutted. Here's a playlist of the best videos I could find:

It's difficult to comment on the performances from the available video but they are quite structured in their choreography. Adam is dressed to impress, looking debonair in his three-piece suit. His rolled up sleeves are a nice touch though, like he's ready to get down and dirty with a bit of action.


  1.'re forgiven - I think you were just scared (LOL). That small venue was probably just too hot for survival - live to love another day. Judging by the quality of the vids, we faint-hearted ones just lost this time.

  2. Oh AB - I feel gutted too. I was so excited for you and was waiting to squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee along with you when you reviewed the performance. (Nikki)