Saturday, 10 April 2010

River Rocking Glam-mover

This concert has a different vibe to the Red Robinson one. Adam is so happy and a lot more chatty, providing explanations for many of the songs. It also feels more free-flowing with the jams, and a headbanded Monte teases the crowd with some famous guitar licks, driving them crazy with the possibility that there might be a new cover on the way. Adam's look is laid-back glam, combining pieces that shouldn't really work together. When he takes off the tailed Gridlock jacket, he looks the most casual I've seen during any concert. His hair is in a kind of 'just rolled out of bed looking fab' do. The set list has an unusual order, finishing on Music Again with WWFM as the encore. Here's my playlist of the complete set, which I'll be updating as better videos turn up. Use the arrows to change songs:

The set starts off with FYE where Adam unleashes some moves. I'm happy to see the perfect return of the original 'Scrayeeyayeeyayeeyaym' glory note without the slide up and it ends with some welcome variations. Strut should get the Adommy/Lambliff shippers squeeing in excitement for their moment of interaction. Surprisingly, DTRH is next and I really love the way that Adam often sneakily smuts up lyrics with 'Take the leash of MY animal'. It's a fierce performance and recalls tour memories as Adam picks up a red cat o' nine tails to play with. The mood is changed abruptly with a rather depressing intro to Sleepwalker. This is one of my favourite renditions so far, especially with the belting at 'You're everything that I want' and the improvisations towards the end. IIHY brings back a party vibe where he really has to stretch to touch the crowd. It's great to see the shots of the audience all bouncing along in unison. Off comes the jacket with MW. The acoustic foot-tapping head-nodding upbeat arrangement is sung powerfully with an incredible bonus freestyling jam at the end. His voice goes from an aggressive rock it to a floaty haunting whisper. Adam excels when it comes to making sure we never get bored of it.

I'm sure when Adam was introducing acoustic Broken Open, he was expecting A Loaded Smile to be the next song. It's beautiful and the pace doesn't seem quite as fast as yesterday's. The anthemic Soaked is so OTT dramatic as he touches himself and gets the booze out. My favourite part has to be the ghostly drawn-out note. The jacket comes back on for A Loaded Smile and he radiates such joy during his funny banter at the start. It's sung in a very soft falsetto which I think could do with a shade of fine-tuning but like yesterday, he adds some bluesy stylings at 'When you're not around here, I don't even notice that you're gone' that any soul diva would be proud of. Fever is next as Monte does his teasing licks. There are some parts of the arrangement that sound quite different with what I think are extra keys but it sounds good. With hat on, Adam assumes a crazy character dancing around the stage. It looks like he enjoys dressing Tommy up with the black feather boa. We get another marvellous little bonus 'Disco' jam at the end, motherfuckers! I find it endearing that Adam can never seem to get the lyrics right in Music Again. Perhaps it's just because he just likes the word 'betterer'. It's a bundle of energetic fun and I find myself laughing at the way Adam sticks his tongue out like a leering old lech during the guitar solo. WWFM expresses Adam's appreciation of his fans and concludes another fantastic concert.

DOWNLOADS - Cleaned up versions of justfreakout's recordings
For Your Entertainment mp3 8.5MB
Down the Rabbit Hole - mp3 10.2MB
If I Had You - mp3 9.4MB
Mad World (Acoustic) - mp3 12.3MB
Broken Open (Acoustic) - mp3 11.6MB
Soaked - mp3 10.7MB
A Loaded Smile - mp3 10.49MB
Fever - mp3 9.4MB
Music Again mp3 8.4MB


  1. Thanks for the post!
    One funny thing you mentioned is the fact that adam can't get the lyrics to music again right. I noticed that too...he can't usually get 100% of the lyrics correct on most of his songs, but for some reason it's an endearing fact and it shows how deep he gets into the mood rather than thinking about words. =) Every single time he performs a song, he changes it...always for the better and a more exciting version. When i look back, i can confidently say that i have been continuously entertained by this alien for the past year and 4 months. How can this glittery person be this fascinating?

    i was also surprised that adam had such casual look (with a lot of glitter of course). He might think he is glam casual but i still stared at his face (well mostly =)) the whole time. overall he sounded and looked fabulous.


  2. What a bundle of surprises he is - wish I had the $$ to charter a plane and just follow him from concert to concert. I absolutely LOVE MAD WORLD this way - it ranks right along with the acoustic WLL from Fantasy Springs (any chance you'll make a download available?)

    THANK YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN EXPRESS for allowing me to enjoy this the AM after the concert - I have come to count on you and I'm thinking about a little gift to say THANKS!

  3. 1877, why is it that every little 'fault' is so endearing when Adam's concerned?! I agree that it definitely works to his (and our) advantage to feel his way through the set rather than to get all the details down precisely. It's what makes him unpredictable and each of his live performances so unique and special.

    Francess40, you're welcome! Maybe if enough of us clubbed together it might be possible! I'm also a huge fan of the impromptu little additions to the set. I'm afraid I'm only doing downloads for stuff I've personally edited but you can usually find them on Hoopla Magnet or IDF.

  4. i, too, thought MW ranked in the league of FS/WLL. amazing what he can do with that voice as he plays it along w/the instruments... which are also stellar, as utilized by the merry fierce band of musicians accompanying him.

    such artistry. such awesomeness.

  5. Thank you for posting the concert video. I enjoy your site as always.
    I was at Indio but couldn't get ticket for these shows :(
    I hope I can grab tickets for his summer tour....It is so hard to get good seat at his concert!
    Adam looked very happy here and charged after returning home from UK.
    I feel more energy than at Indio.

  6. celtcwrtr, I didn't get the emotional reaction I did on seeing FS WLL but I can see the similarites. one of the things I love most is that he always pushes his voice and presentation to do different things.

    hagoromoaya, each concert has a unique feel which makes Adam so special. Good luck, hope you manage to get some tickets!

  7. I love the way you put into words all the feelings we experiment,but are unable to express. Thank you!

    1. Stella Centurion, I think it's all down to how special Adam is as a performer. He moves us to feel and in turn I'm inspired to explore these feelings here.