Wednesday, 21 April 2010

One Year

This blog is now a year old (plus a few days because I've been too busy flailing-celebrating winning tickets to see Adam in Heaven) and what a year it's been. For me it's bittersweet as it will always be tainted with sadness. I'd still choose complete ignorance of Adam over the circumstances in which I ended up discovering him. I would otherwise never have watched AI and would've been dismissive of anything that came out of it. Well, we all know how that turned out. The first thing that inspired me to want to write was RoF, and it was Googling him that pushed me over the edge into alien territory and I just had to describe this curious condition that many others seem to have shared.

It all started during Adam's stint on AI where we'd been hooked and stunned by performances like RoF and MW, then outraged and disappointed with the result. We were then relieved to have gotten the gay question out of the way, thrilled when his raunchier side came out playing with mic stands and whips while we listened intently through ear-bleeding static on the live streams for 'baby', 'woman' or 'honey'. Then we waited and waited for the faintest trace of new material as TfM was released, followed by the controversial album cover, the single, then and surprisingly eclectic album. We were shocked and hurt by the fall-out following the AMAs and showed solidarity as we made our support for Adam known during various campaigns while he went through a period of reflection. He gradually rebuilt his confidence as he went about damage control and FYE was scrapped for WWFM.

We started the decade on a high with Adam's first full set at Gridlock, followed by steady promo and performances and we cheered for every TV slot he landed. Then came that momentous WLL at Indio, wresting us from the comfort of fandom right back into the maelstrom of obsession. As he embarked on his promo tour, we stayed up until stupid o'clock glued to our computer screens following him and marvelling at his codpiece/no codpiece and his overwhelmingly positive reception from passionate fans all around the world. We whooped and celebrated Adam's majestic return to Idol as it became glaringly obvious how exceptional he is as he was awarded universal praise. Which brings us to now, where I'm looking forward to seeing him perform live for the first time, waiting for a miscreant volcano to start behaving.

Adam's list of achievements for the year is impressive and here I've listed only those I believe are most significant:

Magazine covers
  • FYE Album: Gold - USA, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand
  • WWFM Single: Double platinum - Canada; Gold - USA, New Zealand
  • FYE Single: Platinum - Canada; Gold - New Zealand
This year has also brought many firsts for me, and these include:
  • Writing for an audience and maintaining a blog
  • Experiencing fandom
  • Voting for a reality show contestant
  • Joining forums, live streams and twitter to cyberstalk
  • Making videos
There is so much I have learned in the past year. Windows Movie Maker had sat on my computer unused and I just decided one day to see what I could do with it. If you look at my oldest video edits, they started off as simple replacements of audio tracks and then grew into something much more complicated as I learned how to make the most of the tools available to me. The learning hasn't only been confined to video editing but also audio and image editing, scripting and so much more about marketing and the online world which will equip me well for the future.

Much has been written about the Adam Lambert Effect by various people but right now, I think one of the things that resonates is this: In almost every one of us I believe there's a battle between who we are, who we want to be and how we want to be seen. It takes so much effort to constantly keep up every aspect of what we do in order to portray ourselves in a certain way. It may be something as simple as wanting to appear stronger than who we really are or it could be as severe as being so fearful of being disliked that we remain completely closed. Adam has reconciled the battle by making us believe we can be whoever we want by following our true selves, and that what others think is irrelevant. By laying his true self open to scrutiny to a vast audience knowing full well he'd be hated by some, he's shown that the risk can be very rewarding. We've seen his extreme transformation from Apple Pie Adam, giving us hope that we too could be as fabulous if we believed and tried. The end of the battle and ceasing to give a shit about how others see us is liberating. He makes us feel that it's OK to freely express ourselves and has given us courage, paving the way for us. The effect is much further-reaching than just temporary escapism to weird and wonderful destinations with each performance, because he has allowed many of us to feel that little bit braver and has fired our imaginations to get our dormant creativity flowing. This has led to personal growth, newfound confidence and skills, and art that in turn inspires and puts us in touch with others who share this passion. I think this is the core of the Adam Lambert Effect, and as a result, our lives have been significantly enriched.

Thank you Adam, and thank you readers.


  1. That final paragraph was spot on. I don't know how to elaborate but please know your words ring very true with me.

    I join you in thanking Adam, and thank you in turn for such a wonderful resource here.

  2. I love your site,love what you do. Thank-you! Wonderful stuff please keep it up, I'm grateful. Go Adam.

  3. Thank you. I visit your blog almost since the beginning, have enjoyed your reviews and comments and learned how to appreciate Adam's musical qualities even more. You do an excellent job. So, thank you!!

  4. Congratulations for the one year anniversary. I especially agree with this part: "In almost every one of us I believe there's a battle between who we are, who we want to be and how we want to be seen. It takes so much effort to constantly keep up every aspect of what we do in order to portray ourselves in a certain way. It may be something as simple as wanting to appear stronger than who we really are or it could be as severe as being so fearful of being disliked that we remain completely closed." I've always enjoyed your article and hope to read more. Good job!

  5. i remember the first time i found your was a sat. only had a few posts...i read it thoroughly twice and I was so happy that there is someone that i can share my obsession with. You are right about the core of Adam Lambert Effect. I find myself thinking more positively about my life and others around me.
    Also another fact that he points out quite often is not to sit around for things to happen to you but to make them happen. So, Adam Lambert and Adam bombed (I don't know your name), thank you so much for making my life happier. Happy anniversary! :)And please keep writing.

  6. I think I started coming here around July last year. I was so fascinated by Adam's amazing performances on AI8(on rerun!).
    Back then there were a few good websites in Japan but I wanted more. So I explore then I found this treasure box, Adam Lambert Obsession!
    I love here very much. Congratulations on your first year anniversary!

  7. I seem to be on repeat retweet & replay, thats how my brain is working these days. You have increased my obession 1k fold. Thank you!! :) (some would say it wasnt needed)

  8. Dear AB, congratulations for the one year anniversary! I’ve discovered your blog a bit later because one year ago I didn’t know who Adam Lambert is at all. So for me all begun in May... We all have our own stories about getting obsessed by Adam Lambert and his amazing talent, voice and charming personality. I’m so happy that I found your blog, it helped me to catch up all I’ve missed before I get to know Adam and it was interesting to read your articles, your thoughts and emotions and they were so close to mine. So AB, please keep writing, there are so many your fans waiting for your new articles, your excellent improved vids. And it’s nice when you do some fun too. See you soon! With love from LV. Diana

  9. Dear AB – I see from your tweets that you’ve scored tickets for Adam’s performance in London; what a fitting present for all your brilliant work!! I CAN NOT wait to hear back from you (blow by blow) how it felt to experience Adam live. I am seriously considering going to States for couple of concerts (I’m from NZ). My “obsessions” half is already booking tickets and flights, my “other half” hopes he will tour down under. Thinking of you and wish you have the best time of your life!!!

  10. AB-Adam and YOU have transformed my life this year. Your intelligent, witty, incisive, and slightly whackily obsessed commentary on Adam have formed the perfect narritive to my year of Adam obsessing. I first noticed Adam on Idol was his Satisfaction performance. My partner and I both instandtly dubbed him plastic boy--thinking he was full of himself and looked too slick and Hollywood. Then we saw ROF and our worlds tilted-- and we knew that this clearly queer, creative, talented, riveting, sexy lad was the REAL thing. Nothing plastic about him...and then he turns out to be such a really good person. Meanwhile, it has been great to watch your video skills expand and inspiring to read your eloquent writing. Thanks for all you do. And I AM SO GLAD you're finally going to get to see him in person. To quote you....SQUEEEE!!!!

  11. Anonymous 01:13, thank you for sharing your thoughts, I hope that through this you have become much happier. I think there is a kind of domino effect which makes it so much stronger. We inspire each other and it enhances our overall experience. The ability to inspire with such passion is truly exceptional.

    Anonymous 01:53, thank you too! And what a fantastic end to the year it has been with Adam's first Billboard #1.

    Anonymous 03:04, I'm so happy to have aided your appreciation of Adam, and thank you for continuing to be here!

    Anonymous 03:53, I guess it's taken the best part of a year to put my finger on why we feel this way about Adam! That is only one aspect though, the rest I still can't explain. Hope you are feeling liberated after settling all your inner conflicts.

    1877, I really appreciate all your sunny positivity. Wow, you are one of the few who has been here from the start! How did you initially find it? When it first started, I just wanted to write down these strange and powerful feelings I had I guess it just grew as I got to know other fans and felt inspired by them to do more with it - which proves your second point. Thank you for being here along this journey.

    HiLoLiV, thank you so much for being a part of this! Did you find this site through the tour videos? What a year it's been, and I think the next is going to be even more exciting!

    sjennelle, LOL! I hope you're enjoying being 1k-fold obsessed! (Apologies for the side-effects on real life.)

    Diana, does AI get shown in LV? looking forward to having some fun! I'm so pleased to be celebrating this with tickets in hand! It really does finish off the year nicely when I can finally see the man perform. Thank you for being here and enhancing my experience.

    Anonymous from NZ, heehee! I guess it was hard to miss my flailing on Twitter then! I'm probably going to be quiet for a couple of days but I'm all set up to report directly from the scene. So excited! Good luck in getting tickets for the tour.

    Idahophoenix, bwahaha! It's fun to veer off into whacky territory, I take the piss out of myself so often for it!
    Interesting first impressions you had. I agree he was so slick and seem to remember that something was a little askew, which I put down to the audience not being big enough. I think we associate different things to the word 'plastic' though, as I tend to associate it to the identikit and lifeless. Like you, RoF was a pivotal moment for me and there's been no going back.
    Thank you for being here to share and enhance this thrilling experience.

  12. I want to thank you for the inspiring and interesting articles you've written this past year. Isn't it wonderful how Adam inadvertently taught you how to edit video!

  13. Lambo, luv ur write up as usual, especially the last paragraph. Many things have happened in the past year, but funny that I do feel a bit "betterer" about myself. :) This is a fun ride, especially with many Adamholice around the world. Thank you u all. ~K

  14. You are a fascinating creature yourself! Thanks so much for all the videos and you commentary! I check you out EVERY day:) Wonder if you have seen this link- it is really hot and I am surprised you haven't commented on it! Love, Jett

  15. Love your write up on Adam! Yours is on my top favourite site. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good write-up :)

  16. D. wallace-Canada25 April 2010 at 13:53

    I am so happy that you, of all people, are finally going to see Mr. L perform "live". You so deserve it and I shall await, with bated breath, your flailing, fangirl insights and commentary--that is, provided you can actually focus on where you are. When I first saw him, it was all a mush/blur and I only have the videos 'cos my enraptured brain couldn't absorb any memories. He is mesmerizingly beautiful....truly has an "aura".

  17. omg your lucky! whered you get tickets at? and thts not adam in the 1st picture is it?

  18. Stacey, thank you for coming here! I've learned so much through this Adam fandom he's such an inspiration.

    K(*Glitter*), thanks for coming along for the ride with me! Glad to see it's had a positive effect.

    Jett, I appreciate your visits and thanks for the link... only I can't see what it is, maybe it's been removed. What is/was it?

    Anonymous 25/04, it's a pleasure! Writing does take up a fair amount of time though. Unfortunately there's just not enough to do that and sort out all the videos as well but I'll try.

    D. wallace-Canada, the write-up will follow soon! I was just very tired when I got back and spent a while catching up. It was a bit of a blur and seemed so short but it feels like the pinnacle of this whole fandom so far.

    Anonymous 29/04, I was fortunate to have won the tickets in a HMV competition. Yes it is Adam in the first picture! It came from a Japanese magazine. He's so unbelievably pretty isn't he?