Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Springing Down the Rabbit Hole

Here's my latest edit of Down the Rabbit Hole from Fantasy Springs and I can assure you that this time there's no need to brace yourselves for any unwelcome surprises! Though I have to admit I did have a good cackle at the various WTF? reactions of my last one. Hope you like this one more. These edits keep getting increasingly complicated as I learn more and try to do more each time. I tried to generate a trippy effect with the throbbing bassline at the intro and then a rushy feeling of a thrilling ride.

Adam feigned impatience when it came to ordering everyone to dance to this last song. I doubt he realised what a mess he'd made of the audience after he'd stunned them with his acoustic WLL. It's no wonder people weren't dancing if they could barely function! He makes an excellent Mad Hatter radiating energy bouncing around the stage and acting out the lyrics. It's all very theatrical and at times the persona he takes on reminds me of that of a court jester. It's a hectic rendition with top-notch vocals that should get even the laziest Mother Trucker up and shuffling their feet.

DOWNLOAD Down the Rabbit Hole mp3 - 13.3MB
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  1. ooooo... love the wavy beginning. Was that the wine, or did you do that!!!

  2. I love the trippy effect! :D
    Bwaaaannn Fuwaaaaaann Muwoooooon
    Trippy bunny is hopping around.

    Thank you, thank you!

  3. D. Wallace-Canada7 April 2010 at 15:49

    Ooooo, thank-you Adam Bombed! this is the consummate version of DTRH. Love the effects at the beginning, you just keep getting better and betterer!! You have more than redeemed yourself for April Fooling me! :)

  4. Anonymous, glad you like it! I know that not everyone does as it can make you feel a bit seasick. Enjoy your wine!

    bani, I'm tripping just reading your trippy comment! I see bunnies in the air!

    D. Wallace-Canada, thank you, I'm so glad I'm forgiven. Hope it was worth the wait (and Rick)!

  5. AB, you're forgiven! THIS ONE IS GENIUS! *loves*

    Keep your magic fingers warm for all tomorrow's videos - I wonder: will it be plugged, freaky RMT Adam or magical, ethereal, shamanic FS Adam?

  6. Nice edit as usual, though not so keen on the abundance of effects in this one - motion sickness detracts from the performance!

  7. kosh-1662, thanks! it was a bit of an evil trick!

    Anonymous, sorry about the nausea! It was my intention though as it's meant to feel like a hallucinogenic trip. Most of the effects are in the beginning though, so maybe you can just skip those.