Friday, 9 April 2010

Coquitlam Glam

There were no live streams so everything came as a most pleasant surprise as I've spent the last few hours watching the videos. There wasn't a monumental performance like the acoustic WLL from Fantasy Springs but this concert brought us the debut of A Loaded Smile. Adam seems so resourceful when considering his wardrobe choices as once again we have two looks to vary the mood. With the Cavalli jacket, he's relaxed and casual glam and his scarf seems to be strategically placed to tease the crotch gazers. Without the jacket, the scarf looks like braces, so in combination with the teardrop eye makeup and striped T-shirt, he looks like he's about to place his hands against an invisible wall as a punky mime artist. Here's a playlist of my picks of videos in set order - use the arrows to change songs. I'll keep updating this as more videos turn up. At the moment, we are still missing a Music Again and a complete Broken Open.

When I first heard FYE it seemed like there was a little bit of a false start as Adam comes in a little bit early. Then I thought the arrangement was changed up a lot so this was going to be a very different rendition. I didn't realise there were technical problems until the restart. It was the synths that were missing, and it seems that Adam was stalling with his ad-lib to allow them time to fix it. I have to give a lot of props to Monte for trying to pick up the slack and recreate them on the guitar. Makes me really want to hear the rock version without the synths. Adam deals with it brilliantly, even making the problems entertaining. I love this version with the return of mic stand affection, all the dancing and improvisation.

It seems like the sound problems continued into IIHY but it's full of joy. I think there may have been some lyric forgetfulness towards the end but it makes it all the more interesting. The shuffle-dancing puts a big smile on my face. WWFM is another great performance and my favourite part is the riffing during the instrumental break. I've missed them during the live versions. Strut brings us plenty of slinky poses and it seems very loose as Adam goes for it with the dancing and the impressively long glory note. The banter with the audience is very endearing at the start of SFW. He forgets his lyrics but he gives us staggering vocals as he adds in bonus glory notes. The loss of the jacket and Soaked changes the tempo of the set as we get to hear a very tender quavering voice. A Loaded Smile is very atmospheric and I think I prefer this live version where he moves out of his falsetto with some bluesy riffs and powerful wails. There are plenty of melodic variations to this bouncy acoustic version of MW to keep it interesting. Broken Open completes the acoustic interlude and sounds very different to the one at Fantasy Springs after having been sped up considerably. We don't have video yet for Music Again, which picks things up. Sleepwalker is performed with such passion and I love the part straight after the guitar solo. Fever is full of fun as Adam pulls off some pole dancing manoeuvres with the mic stand. The encore is once again DTRH, a dramatic and energetic end to another fantastic concert.


  1. That was the best FYE Yet. I hope they have technical difficulties every time if it comes out like that.

  2. Okay so I love the music...I do, I do, it's so much about the music, love it... but hot damn how he looks in those frickin' jeans!!!!

  3. magsmagenta, I agree! He's such a pro, so unfazed by anything. He just took it in his stride and had extra fun with it. What a treat! Now that my tastebuds have been whetted, I really want to hear a rock version of FYE.

    Anonymous, I know what you were really looking at, bwahaha!

  4. I just love to come to your site and read your reviews. You explain everything in a way that I have to go back to the video and see/hear what I missed the first/second/third (LOL) time I watched. I know you must work hours on your site to maintain it and keep it current. I appreciate it so much--thank you!! njoy00 from twitter

  5. Agree best live FYE to date. Do want to make this one comment, when I go to his concert I would not be happy sitting beside a chatty cathy. I could hear chatter through a lot of this. Thank you Lambosessed.Youre Awesome! btw love the playlist.