Thursday, 6 August 2009

Baltimore, More, More!

You have no idea how happy it makes me to get great HQ video so soon after a gig. Less video editing for me, woohoo! And I finally manage to get this blog up to date instead of waiting for them to trickle in.

Adam wore his hair slicked back for this set and I've decided that it's not quite Elvis, as it's not as smooth, but rather a punked Elvis with a fauxhawk tail. The eye makeup looks a bit darker too, more indigo than turquoise. I'm still praying he steers well clear of mullet territory. In 'Baby' WLL he didn't throw himself around quite as much at the start but there was no stopping those legs that were shaking around raring to go, and those hips which got him into full flow with a great thrust-and-chop action. He was the cocky snarling rockstar giving the audience disdainful looks and they lapped it up with enthusiasm, eager for more. There was still a fair amount of playing with his earpiece though, and I'm surprised that after all this time, the sound issues haven't been fully ironed out. He laid any worries about his voice to rest and maintained its power with an impressive run at the end.

His voice sounds beautifully rich and gritty in his lower register in this recording of Starlight. I don't know if you can relate to this, but hearing the timbre makes me want to sink my teeth into it - does that sound really weird? It seems that Adam's voice has a synaesthetic effect on me and when I hear it, the closest description I can come to is that it's like taking a very full bite out of a juicy peach, or biting a soft-ish piece of this specific, slightly grainy chocolate praline, and melting it in my mouth. Anyway, he left out the full-force note again in MW and there were more bra antics during Slow Ride where a flying pink one narrowly missed hitting Allison and she creased up. She left it up to Adam to deal with the said bra. There was another 'Ooh!' and a white bra during the Bowie medley, where he generously dished out the high notes and was really going for it with the dancing. The song ended with a very long descending run with accompanying hip swivel for good measure. We'll have more of that please.


  1. how can I leave a comment here?

  2. OMG, you write beautifully!! I think you and I could be great friends. I share so many of your feelings, especially about what his voice does to me, I'm not sure if it's like biting into a peach as much as taking a drug and leaving me ina state of ecstacty. I went to the concert in Hartford last night and I'm having a terrible case of post concert I googled Adam Lambert obsession for support and I found this blog. Oh, you and I think alike. I also like to write and wrote Adam a poem and gave it to guest services last night and begged that they give it to him. They said they would. I have the poem posted on adamofficial. I am on that site as mermaidlady and I post often. I'd be happy to share that poem with you, you are an awesome writer and might be my lost muse. Thank you for creating this blog.