Thursday, 6 August 2009

Greensboro Opens its Back Door

There were quite a few worried fans going into this and a few more worried fans going out with concerns about Adam's voice as he seemed to ration his stratospheric high notes. 'Baby' WLL finally saw the lyric 'I wanna be your back door man' with all its innuendo. From the video, he sounded a little hoarse during Starlight and a couple of notes appear to have been shortened. No problems during MW, although again the power belt was missing as he went up into falsetto instead. Despite having heard it so many times, I think it's a good choice to include it in the set; I see it as the song where he rests his voice a little as it's the least taxing. Slow Ride was another chance to have fun and improvise where he and Allison circled each other and the Bowie medley was energetic, ending on an extra long gyration instead of his trademark high note.


  1. yes! Thanks for the reminder - I sooo miss this wild thing...I suppose maturity has its perks, but I'd love to see more fire - as in the Dragon coat....