Sunday, 2 August 2009

Props to Duluth

Here's my selection of videos from Atlanta:

'Baby' WLL was scintillating. It started off with perhaps a slight hiccup because the guitar started when the introduction package was still on the screen. There were quite a few changes to the timing and phrasing and those high notes were just amazing. I thought he looked more comfortable and looser than ever, being right at home on stage. I noticed that he stepped back a little during the mic molestation to allow more of him to be lit by the floor light. The song ended with some insane riffing. Starlight started with some swaying before a blue bra flew past him. He looked like he was really amused and couldn't stop himself from smiling throughout the song. It showcased a beautiful vocal performance with one noticeable difference when it appeared his timing was a little late. MW was another solid performance. Slow Ride saw yet another bra, pink this time, get kicked up by Allison then swung and flung back by Adam, who then he picked up a feather boa and draped it around her shoulders. His enunciation during Life On Mars was less dramatic than usual, which finished with Adam taking his coat off in two steps to prolong his striptease. There was a purple whip during Fame that he whipped himself with before sending back to the audience. There were some different dance moves and it looks like he's comfortable with improvising more and more as the show goes on. There were so many things thrown on the stage during this show, and it seems that each stop wants to outdo the last in terms of props. It certainly makes it fun and keeps it interesting. I'm pleased to see that Adam seems to be having a great time giving us all a great time.


  1. He looked like he was really amused and couldn't stop himself from smiling throughout the song.
    I SO love when he does this! Then back on the tour as well as in these days - he is so adorable and I enjoy so much when I see him smiling during his live radio performances. And what I admire the most - he manages to smile or even say something and yet singing his songs excellently - he's ... just... PERFECT! :)

    1. shimoli710, his smile really does light up the room doesn't it? I wonder if he finds it difficult to sing sad songs when he's in such a happy mood.