Sunday, 2 August 2009

Stalker at Sunrise

Stay away from YouTube, stay away from the boards, stay away from YouTube, stay away from the boards... no matter how many times I recite that mantra, the urge still manages to consume me so apologies for being a little thin on articles lately. Here's my video selection:

There were rumours abound that security was extra tight to prevent anything from being thrown onto the stage because of a supposed stalker but nothing was confirmed. 'Baby' WLL had incredible energy and plenty of small changes for the anoraks amongst us. Starlight was beautifully done and MW saw a couple of changes in 'chi-ild' and a prolonged 'ma-a-ad' near the end. It's great to see Adam no longer holding himself back during Slow Ride. There was extra shimmying, head bobbing and a spin added to Fame with more gyrating during Let's Dance. This was definitely one of his best and most different performances in terms of the dancing. The last note was the longest I'd heard from him for a while and if there were any worries about stalkers, he certainly didn't show it with an infectious grin across his face.


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