Thursday, 6 August 2009

Easy in Washington DC

What voice problems? What cold? In 'Baby' WLL, his voice was back on show in its full magnificence, powerbelting out those extended high notes with ease. Adam's hair has been looking fluffier and tuftier as it's been growing out, reminding me of the final Upright performances. From what I can gather of Starlight and MW, he sailed through them flawlessly and there were plenty of smiles all around during Slow Ride. I particularly liked his dismissive expression during 'Look at those cavemen go' in the Bowie medley as he injected more drama and attitude to Life On Mars. He swooped down to pick up and fling yet another bra, magenta this time, into the audience and those hips really went for it. In this recording, I love the timbre of his voice as there seems to be a little more rock grit to his belts, and I'm happy he didn't seem to hold back.


  1. littleblackdress7 August 2009 at 11:27

    Yay, you're caught up! And I've successfully put off watching DC's videos, so what a pleasure to come here after a long day and enjoy the whole concert in the comfort of my living room. Thank you!!!

    (FYI -- TheAdamBombs have also posted wonderful close-up versions of Starlight and Slow Ride on YouTube if you're interested in having full, clear versions.)

  2. This is fantastic! Thank you.

  3. I forgot to add, Adam Bombed, that I too have noticed that Adam is increasingly harnessing the "rock grit" timbre in his singing. I think he used it sparingly on the Idol show but during this tour he is really beginning to manipulate those timbre dynamics. I love it. Add those dynamics to his ability to move from head to chest voice - and well, we're slayed where we stand. I gotta feeling that we have yet to hear that rock voice fully unleashed, not because Adam isn't playing all his cards but because he has such impeccable and instinctive timing for "coming out".He's strategic from the gut. When the concert stage is completely his own - jeeze, we're gonna be in big fan love trouble.

  4. First, it was the Starlight at LA, and now it is the Life of Mars at Washiton DC. Adam, what are you doing to me? You are turning all these songs into my fav. Is that what you mean? Letting us hear something we might not know we would like. This experience is truely amazing. I will continue to expect the unexpected.

    Adam Bombed, thanks for the vid.