Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Chewing over Charlotte

I'm a little tired after a day of videos so I'm keeping this brief. Here's my video selection for this stop:

'Baby' WLL was another stunning performance with stellar high notes and an incredibly long riff at the end. The video for Starlight is crystal clear, and you can hear some feedback at the beginning which is followed by Adam fiddling with his earpiece. Adam is thrilled to be on stage performing with his warming smile. Again, the video for Mad World is beautiful and for the first time during the tour, I could clearly hear his silky smooth voice singing at just above a whisper where he chose to omit his belting note. Adam was chewing on something during Slow Ride, which got the cogs of the rumour mill started and there was speculation that he was losing his voice. He didn't seem to hold back his voice during this song though, and had fun, first playing with a turquoise bra with red nipple tassles, then a lime green bra thrown to him by Allison. Adam worked the Bowie medley well with increasingly full movements. He refrained from doing the highest belts we've been used to, and chose to end the medley unusually on a booming low run which sounded very full. The cogs stepped up a gear.


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