Friday, 9 October 2009

It's Time!

The wait is over, get ready to lose your shit!

Hearing the voice again is like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert. My insatiable thirst is temporarily quenched. It pleases me to no end that we'll get a whole 4:53 worth of Adam Lambert singing something new in Time For Miracles. I'm relieved to hear his voice hasn't been excessively smoothed over to lose its rawness as was the case with most of the AI studio recordings. He sings his own backing vocals with the harmonies resonantly spot-on. The song is nothing groundbreaking, being typical dramatic power-ballad anthemic soundtrack fare and far from what he's going for on the album. There are shades of Want in it, but he passionately sings the crap out of it. It's Adam's voice that really carries it and drives it and will ultimately keep us listening. And keep us fervently listening out for the rest of the song.

Get ready to hit replay. Repeatedly.


  1. Adam Bombed, please tell what it is about this guy's voice that sends me to the moon? I am an absolute nut for him.

  2. Thank you sooo...much for posting this. I love it.
    I got goosebumps when I listened. But it's not enough. DAMN! What the hell is wrong with me, do you think? It really does have the sound of "Want" at the end. You are the very first to post this. I checked all sites. Thanks again Adam Bombed. We would all be Tap, tapping without you.

  3. Adam Bombed, Replay has been dutifully hit multiple times - the VOICE does it to me every time. I wish the single from his album had come before this - simply because the rawk ballad isn't my fav genre - too predictable. Maybe I'll become a convert when I hear the full version. He does sing the crap out of it, as you say, because he is A D A M after all. And thank God we're finally hearing original music. But I'm nowhere near satisfied yet. Nicole, Australia.

  4. Adam Bombed, thanks. The wait time is over? After hearing that, I feel worse. There is a little voice in my head saying, "hmmmm that can't be right!" I am suppose to jump high and scream, but I am not. What's wrong with me?
    I then listen to the TMF marked with FULL VERSION on youtube. It is actually a repeated version of that 10 seonds of his voice together with some loud distracting background/music. No offense to the music but I am dying to hear Adam's voice but I cannot hear what others claim to be hearing.
    I fall back to the chair with my hands on my chin. Yes, I'm back to the period of tick tick tick and tap tap tap.

    Yes, it does remind me a little bit of "WANT". The presentation have the same kind of power that will either touch your heart or break your heart.

    Sorry for not being able to act like an Adam's fan for the moment. I will WAIT. :( :D
    TC. ~k65535 ooo

  5. Lynn, the clue may be in what you wrote - it sends to you the moon because it's from out of this world!

    Adamspirit, I'm sure that even if we had the whole song, you'd still be wanting more.

    Nicole, I agree. Soundtrack songs are a bit formulaic and I'm much more interested to hear the Adam sound. I tend to think of this as the hors d'oeuvre to whet our appetites as we await the main course.

    k65535, I always tell my friends that they should never apologise for the way they feel about something because it's a natural reaction that can't be controlled. It's what you do with those feelings that count and you've decided to be patient and wait to hear more. I've just changed the video to the original source so the sound quality is a bit better than YT, but don't beat yourself up for feeling underwhelmed. I expect to be able to hear his voice more clearly in the single. My favourite part of the clip is the sound of his voice in the last 'up'.

  6. I am so in love with Adam's voice here..especially when I start with the Amazon snippet where his voice on "tiimes" is magical to me.