Monday, 5 October 2009


Tap... Tap... Tap... go the sound of our twitchy impatient fingers. Chin resting in cupped hand, expectant eyes locked onto a flickering screen filled with familiar sights, willing the repetitive depression of F5 to gift us with the Adam Lambert news we've all been waiting for. Exasperated sighs when it doesn't. Still no date. Hmph. Oh, the album's still going strong.'s raking it in. Proud smile. Tap.. Tap.. Tap.. they continue rhythmically, slowly accelerating into what will eventually become a drum-roll.

Let's go to the Twitter tab to see what's happening. More studio time, alleged sightings, video shoot. Nothing to refresh the weary eyes or appease the ears screaming themselves deaf in the agony of radio silence. Another sigh. Wandering over to the bookmarks that have gradually become invisible to jaded eyes, brushing the cobwebs off old important items still indexed at the back of the mind. Temporary relief. Oh, I'd forgotten he'd said that in the interview. The discussion going on over there used to be quite interesting. That was a great article. He looked so different, so young back in that performance. I ought to organise all my media and links.


A pang of hunger needing future certainty snapping attention back to the present. The F5 key once a matt surface now a smooth sheen, polished by keen fingertips, its lettering patchy and barely visible.  The loud stiff click now soft and muted. Back to eagerly hitting F5. Ooh, new photos? Nope. Just new old photos. Sigh. Shoulders hunching, chin increasingly heavy and tipping in cupped hand, bending back a resigned wrist. Still no date. Restive leg shaking in indefinite suspense.  Lets check YouTube, see if there's anything new. Nope, just some more fan videos and re-posted stuff. F5. Could this be THE link? Sharp intake of breath. What? Where's the song? False alarm. Sinking back, taking another deep, agitated sigh.  Tap. Tap. Tap.  Tick... Tick... Tick...  TapTapTap.  Tick ... Tick  . . .  Tick   .  .  .


  1. I have to add 'pressing f5' on your website' to the list as well.
    I have lost my functionality and productivity. I wish Time for Miracles were released, because i for one can no longer wait.
    Glad to know, someone else is obsessing like i am.

  2. Adam Bombed, thankyou for putting a smile on my face. You couldn't imagine what I had been doing the last week. Though, I was having fun travelling and taking pictures in the morning, I was stucked to the computer trying to find Adam's news at night.
    There had been rumors about promotions in Oct. I thought to myself where were they. Oh, it must be the time differences. Asking mates on internet what happened and then relaized that they were getting the same things. Dead silent. Suddenly, many new threads were found in IDF. There were Adam's happy face, Adam's this and Adams' that. It didn't matter, I checked in all of them and leaving with a smile on my face.
    I know I am obsess. But I don't know I will miss him that much. Well, on the other hand, it also means that he has been putting me in a happy mood all these times. Thankyou Adam Lambert. Thankyou Adam Bombed for keeping us company while waiting for the TIME for MIRACLE to come.

  3. Adam search...nothing....adamofficial...nothing...adam twitter....not much...

    Adam Lambert post!....thank you! I am waiting, waiting, waiting too...anticipating on the other side of the pond...tap, tap, tap. You're the best....Thanks!

  4. Adam bombed, this is my first visit here and after reading your writing helps to reduce the agony of waiting and as the second anonymous said "You couldn't imagine what I had been doing the last week." Now I know what I've been doing ... tap, tap tap ... tick, tick,tick ... tap, tap, tap ... Thanks!

  5. Lisa, thanks for dropping by - I hope there's enough here for you to be entertained for a little while.

    Lynn, you made me laugh! If we could hear everyone else tapping as we wait, it would be the biggest drum-roll for the the unveiling of a song ever!

    k65535, hope you had a great time in Japan & that the Adam obsession didn't impinge on your enjoyment of your trip.

    Anonymous, you are in good company here!

    Time seems to be ticking ever more slowly the more impatient we get.

  6. Adam Bombed, no, not at all. Apart from lack of sleep, lack of energy to walk and being yelled at constantly for "checking my email" way too long during bedtime, that was a blast. In my defense, I was checking on my cat who cried non-stop whenever I was away and Adam actually came second. Oh well, pretty close.:)
    Tap... Tap... Tap... Tick... Tick... Tick... :(... :(... :(...
    Thanks for keeping us company.

  7. Hi,

    I usually spend hours over at AO, yet I never post there. I guess my introversion suits blogs better. This is my first foray into obsession and it's been wonderful spending hours HERE with you.

    I was watching the tour videos again (tap, tap, tap)and one of the things I found almost erotic was when Adam removed his earpiece in a couple of concerts when he was making us "tremble like a flooooooooower" - just the idea that he could more fully experience the frenzy he'd created - I think I've lost the plot too! Nicole, Sydney, Australia

  8. Adam Bombed, Tap... Tap... Tap... Tick... Tick... Tick... :(... :(... :(...
    But thanks to you, even over these quiet moments, we still get to watch all your newly edited versions of the videos. I've hold myself to download them until I really cannot stand it. I just got them on my mp4. I can now enjoy them on my way home. Thankyou!
    TC. ~k65535 ooo

  9. Nicole, thanks for coming by to say hello.

    I've never quite managed to find my way around at AO but I've figured that people form little groups and turn single threads into their own forums. It's a bit frenetic for me though.

    Regarding the earpiece removal, I'd never thought about it in that way but now that you've brought it up, I totally get you! It's great to know that despite being on opposite sides of the planet, we can lose the plot together!

    k65535, I hope your cat is feeling much happier now you're back. Did your companions know you were looking for Adam stuff or did they think you were badly missing your cat?! I'm glad you're enjoying the videos. I've had doubts about whether to keep going as they're not getting a lot of views. There's still half the tour to do. Might give myself a break tomorrow though.

  10. Adam Bombed, thanks. After two hours of his lecture(crying, complaning & mumbling), my cat is ok now. About spending too much time on "checking the mail"? Oh, I was guilty for both and was well known about it. LOL.

    I was chatting on-line to see how my cat's doing and kissing axxes to the helper. :) He, the cat, could be a pain "sometimes". He have trust issues. He wasn't this bad back then. As he grew older, this tended to show more. He have no faith in human being and do not like us. I am an exceptional. :) He got called a pain and a girl, but he was loved by many, apart from me. I saw new toys, comb on the floor and new snack. He probabily knew, but there was a differences between knowing it and being able to trust AGAIN.
    Well, he got laughed at, but I don't see that we are all these different. I do learn a lot through him. Oh, side track, he PEE on my luggage last time. It soaked right in and I had to chuck the whole thing away. LOL

    Thanks for your videos and they always put me in happy mood. About whether to keep going on the edits or else? Oh, I think we do switch our focus from concert to the upcoming TFM and the new album. And, the switch will continue.
    May be take a rest? But do come back for the blog pls :). Take care. ~k65535 ooo

  11. I hope this helps!!!!

    This is a small snippet of the time for miracles song. If the link doesn't work, go to Amazon and search Adam.........drum roll.....pleeeeeezzzzz...

  12. I LOVE your web page. It is balm to my soul as I find myself Adamobsessed and trying to actually attend to real life as well. Thank you

  13. Lynn, thanks for the heads up.

    Idahophoenix, you're welcome. It can be a tough balancing act to make sure that this doesn't completely consume you!

  14. Ah....screw real life....we need more adam...