Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Start of a Glitterier Era

After the long drought, it seems the floodgates finally opened today, releasing a torrent of Adam-related goodness.  It's been a busy day for Adam followers, kicking off with a radio interview with the news that he's lined up to perform his as-yet undecided single at the American Music Awards on November 22nd - huge exposure and perfect timing just two days before the release of his album.  The prospect of an OTT spectacle involving Adam, fire and dancers has gotten me bursting with excitement.

Next on the itinerary was the announcing of the AMA nominations in a press conference.  It had been a long time since the last public appearance and that familiar curiosity over how he'd look returned.  He looked striking and radiant, with none of that tiredness I'd gotten used to seeing during the tour.  He added his own unique edge to dressing smart for the occasion.  I loved the details of the outfit - the colour and sheen of his shirt which managed to prevent the ensemble looking antiquated, the ribbon tie, the double-fronted waistcoat, the studded belt, the loose trousers and the upturned shoes.  I wasn't so keen on the gloves though, I thought the black leather was a bit too heavy for the rest of the outfit, which overall, just inched over into costume territory.  I'm a fan of the big shiny-looking manga hair which I think flatters the shape of his face.

There were plenty of interviews conducted after the press conference. I'll update and post links to the ones with new and interesting info here when they surface.
EDIT: Laura Saltman's interview - Adam seems very happy and dispels rumours of future gigs.  We know to expect something big next Tuesday.
EDIT II: MTV interview - Adam reveals that the leaked 'Michelin man' look constitutes part of the album artwork.

Another interesting development today was an interview with Rob Cavallo, who is heavily involved in producing Adam's album.  In addition to mentioning Adam's 'limitless' vocal range, he revealed the names of some of the songs: 'Winners', 'Music Again' and 'Suburban Decay' which will give us fuel to speculate and entertain ourselves as we wait.  What was more interesting though, is that he considers the sound to be a new 'Adam' sound.  My impatience is hitting its maximum setting.

The other huge news of the day, and what a day it has been indeed, is that Adam's TFM music video will be premiering as a trailer before 'Michael Jackson's This Is It'.  The worldwide audience for that is going to be colossal.  Apologies but eloquence has completely escaped me for now so I'll just end by stating what we all already knew.  Exciting times lie ahead - ADAM IS GOING TO BE FUCKING MASSIVE!!!


  1. I have been anxiously awaiting the release of his album. As you said the glitter era has begun. However, I am a bit worried. During AI, i always looked forward to seeing adam perform and never did I await the studio recordings. What i want is to see that glittery alien from planet fierce perform. In the preIdol era in the upright cabaret, he exuded emotion with every note and song, because it was him and his raw voice and so much room for him to shine. What if the new recordings turn out to be similar to the AI ones? I mean without any adamizing visuals and overly processed. I can only hope the adamness factor is not eliminated.
    embrace the glam rock God!

  2. Man, it is the "new voice" that worries me. Please do not edit that beautiful voice of his. Save it for the others.
    The only thing that I can count on the TFM is what Brain May said. Of course we would not know if the version he heard was a pre-edit one or not. But at least I know there was one version that moved Brain. What he said was beyond being nice. He was amazed that how Adam could move him. I have my finger cross. Two more days then we will know.
    For the Album, I think Adam should have more say then the TFM. And looking at his behind sense of Zoadic, he would stand up for his thought. And that we can count on. :D
    Adam Bombed, thanks for keeping us posted and love your write up! Yes. "ADAM IS GOING TO BE FUCKING MASSIVE!!!"

  3. Yes, the one who make the stupid typo mistake is me. Correction. It should be Brian May.

  4. Hi Adam Bombed, just love sharing the excitement with you. What a great day - I am beyond excited now, given the amount of exposure Adam is going to have in the next month or so. SQUEEEEEEE . Nicole, Australia.

  5. Adam Bombed,
    Words can never express the gratitude I have for your hard work and collection of all things Adam.
    It is so wonderful to check in with your site. Also, helps to ease my Adam neurosis in knowing that I am not the only one. You are making this ride even more exciting! Thank you so much.

  6. Anonymous(es), I guess you are hungry for Adam the performer and not just the singer. Bear in mind that the AI studio versions were done on the cheap in a few hours, and Adam wasn't happy with the studio version of One even though it's one of the better ones. I trust Adam's ear and would like to think that he will tweak each mix until he is fully satisfied.
    Thank YOU for coming here and easing MY neurosis!

    k65535, all these industry pros are losing their shit over Adam. Everyone who has worked with him on the album can't contain their excitement. After I heard Allison's single where they processed out her gruffness - the very reason I like her voice - I was a little concerned. But different label, different producers and hopefully more sense! Your typo is actually very appropriate for Brian who has a PhD in astrophysics!

    Nicole, yes! So much great stuff! AAAAAHHHHH! SQUEEEEEEE! Can't wait!

  7. This just leaked. Nicole

  8. Thanks Nicole! Just added a new post.