Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Intimate Details

Before chiming in, I thought I'd wait to see the actual photos from the Details shoot rather than the distorted and slightly out-of-focus photos of the magazine that were in circulation. I had wondered beforehand where exactly 'racy' sat on the Adam barometer, thinking it would probably be very sexually suggestive, maybe a little kinky. In terms of this wave of publicity though, I think it came a little too soon after the leak of TfM. In the morning we were all excited about TfM and later on that day, it was all about the photos which ended up slightly overshadowing the music.

The cover shot features a heart-stopping look directly at you, brooding and slightly accusatory. The styling is Teddy Boy meets Top Gun, the result a dark and mysterious stranger. The pose looks a little unnaturally forced, but overall I like the result and I'm very thankful it wasn't artificially smoothed over with an airbrush.

When I first saw the portrait of Adam at the start of the article, I thought it looked very strange - it didn't resemble him and looked conspicuously photoshopped. He looked way too thin and angular but the light reflection suggested the magazine wasn't flat. No wonder Details was trying to get the photo pulled because it didn't do it justice. The black and white image is striking and you're drawn straight to his intense gaze. The feel of it hearkens back to classic Hollywood screen icons of the 50s. The chiselled features, the strong jaw, the slightly stubbly rugged complexion, the pensive gaze with the wrinkled forehead and thick furrowed brows all make him look classically handsome. The slicked hair, the simple white T-shirt with the gathered sleeves and the earring give off a rebellious air - the dangerous bad boy you want to ride off into the sunset with. It's a beautiful portrait.

The rest of the photos see Adam with closed eyes sporting a strange manicure posing with a naked model in various positions for some intimate shots. The photos are sensual but due to the light touch and positioning of Adam's hands, I don't see them as that sexual. Neither Adam nor the model look fully engaged in each other but absorbed in their individual pleasure. For the model it appears to be pride at achieving her conquest and for Adam it's the fascination of the female aesthetic. The kiss I find a tiny bit clumsy because their mouths are so far apart. The horizontal one shows his passion for the female form as if it were a work of art, a sculpture. His plain black T-shirt and position makes me think of him as an artist, maybe a dancer. The last one in the mag is the most explicit where he's sporting a Teddy Boy look. I think this is my least favourite because it lacks the believability factor for me. On seeing the rest of the photos on the site, the kissing one works better cropped without the hand cupping the breast, and the licking one works better without the model's rear on full display. I actually find the shots they didn't use in the mag more beautiful and prefer the one with the exposed nipple to the one where Adam's hand is on it.

The photos portray Adam as very masculine which I find very different to the RS shoot where I thought his effeminacy was highlighted. The imagery and feel of the photo shoot, although not quite as steamy, remind me of the work by Herb Ritts, who in addition to being a photographer, directed one of the most beautiful music videos - Wicked Game which I've included here. Watch it and you'll know what I mean. The portraits of Adam are quite reminiscent of the close-ups of Chris Isaak in the video.

The racy photos I'm sure have already been discussed to death but I might as well pitch in.  I don't see it as Adam betraying his sexuality and selling out. The shoot is for a lads' mag, and lads' mags aren't subtle and need breasts to sell. These are comparatively high-brow compared to the bulk of them. I think the point of those photos is to illustrate the sub-heading of the article 'Why does every woman in America want to sleep with Adam Lambert?' and to reinforce Adam's view that attraction isn't necessarily dictated by sexual orientation. Being gay doesn't exclude you from appreciating the opposite sex and the photos show him exploring that beauty. The editor decided to include in the mag the shots with the greatest shock factor, which I find a little vulgar and gimmicky. I'm fine with the nudity but I'm one who prefers the sexy to be implied and think the same message could have been put across without resorting to as much gratuitous flesh fondling. I think Adam was rather shocked himself on seeing them but seemed to get a kick out of it.  He liked the results and I consider them a success having achieved the goal of fuelling fantasies and generating quite a stir. It's kept us talking, given headlines to the magazine and helped maintain the buzz. It also gets the controversy over and done with should Adam want to put his bi-curiosity into practice or cavort with the opposite gender in his music videos. It's certainly keeping people very interested in what he does next.

The article, although eclipsed by the photos, is interesting and elaborates on what was said in RS. Adam appears to be getting comfortable with being more forthright in his speech. I felt he had an increased impatience towards the overzealous Christians who he's mentioned before, and more annoyance directed at those fans who think he owes them. Although he was a big tease about being tempted to make out with women, I think the article could have delved a little deeper. After all, that was supposed to be the heart of the article but I felt that it was more like an excuse to show the photos. He talked in a bit more detail about his past issues and his destructive streak. I have a liberal attitude towards recreational drug use and don't find it surprising, but I'd suspected he'd done speed rather than coke judging by some old photos where he looked very thin. It surprised me a little that he talked about having slept around, I thought he'd keep that a mystery but I guess its purpose is to lay the foundations for future eye-rolling if anyone steps forward with a tabloid kiss and tell. I'm pleased for his success and it's always reassuring to know that Simon Fuller recognises what a rare talent Adam is, putting him amongst the all-time great singers. I often find myself shaking my head in disbelief when I remember that Adam came out of Idol. Looking at this latest article, it seems he couldn't be further from it.


  1. Adam Bombed, Thanks. I was lost in words when looking at the hot pictures. Yes, I do find the one with the exposed nipple more sexy than the one with his hand on her breast. Yes, I do know the purpose of these pics. And yes, they are hot, but it looks more as a posing to me. And, I have seen his hotter ones.

    There is nothing much on the article. Most of them have already been said. I guess the sale of the magazine is mainly counting on the pic.

    To be honest, I am more excited on his music, His TfM and the new album. I am curious to find out what songs will be selected. Since there was name calling, Pink's and Lady Gaga's would probably in. One spot is taken by TfM. There is only nine spots left. I really wish the Loaded smile will be picked. I can't wait to hear him sing all in falsetto.

  2. Once again - brava! Wonderful analysis - better than the original article. Agree with almost all points:
    - strange hiccups with various relases (early leaking, overlapping each other and so on), but i think that 19/publishers are just not ready for the sofistication and investigative abilities of Adam's fans;
    - I find all pictures hot and beautiful, and very happy to see this side of Adam thinking that some of his "organic" movements are captured and not totally staged.
    - his tongue-to-tongue picture is actually my favorite. It reminds me all those pictures with his ex that were just as mezmerizing - something about that for me :)
    - and just as Adam said: this were artistic portraits of sensuality. Adam also said the experience was "educational" and i bet it was :) Some of the video shots were very funny in that respect. And I also agree that the pictures may have been representing womens fantasies about Adam. The fact that PH was on board with this and is not trashing Adam for selling out just proves that even he understands.
    So all in all - a total win for me though some ardent fans messed up the timing of when this was to be public and overshadowed the release of TFM.
    Thanks again for a wonderful post. I hope that while we are witnesing Adam's triumphant ascend, we are also witnessing a creation of his biography being simultaniously written :)

  3. Forgot to mention - I purchased several copies of this issue already. Looking great in print!

  4. k65535, I'm also more excited about his music, but I'm even more excited about the music videos!
    Like you, Loaded Smile is one I'm very curious about too. I've not been that big a fan of his falsetto as I don't think he controls it as well as his chest/head voice but I love the thought of it being used on something dark and stirring.

    AD, thanks for your great comments. I'm quite bemused by the apparent ineptitude of the management too. His official sites seem to be run by amateurs and are so slow at being updated. They're way behind any of the fan sites. I wonder whether the timing of the TfM leak was intentional or due to incompetence.
    The thing with many of those photos tonguing his ex is I feel that they were for show and didn't represent intimate moments.
    Enjoy your mags!

  5. I agree about those photos (tonguing his ex) were for show...but they were beautiful. Especially the "purple" one and it seems like that is the way he kisses...may be :) Well, music first!

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  7. Adam Lambert. Long, lean and drop-dead gorgeous. Great photos. The model was interviewed on ET, and said that both she and Adam were initially very nervous on the set. Well, our boy got over it, and no one could convince me that he as not LOVIN' that photoshoot ! Adam says he'll "remember this one".

  8. We all knew he would be "the star" while the other idols are now opening acts for second rate performers. He's a powerhouse, "got it all" type of guy with an instinct for PR that is brilliant. His interviews are always interesting and can be edgy with a nice guy touch. What a combination. He might eventually turn some people off with his chameleon like ways, but for me, it's a turn on, baby.

    Funny how some people who comment on other blogs are horrified that a gay guy could pose with a naked woman. Guess these folks don't know anything about fantasy and are too myopic and literal. Adam sure can push the buttons a la Madonna!

  9. I have just discovered your blog and am looking forward to browsing the content. I agree with a lot of the comments you have made re the details shoot. I didn't like the portrait at the start of the mag either, thought it looked far too 'photoshopped' but your pic shows that actually in the flesh it is far more natural. Thank you!

  10. Oh and if your interested please follow my blog. I write about Adam sometimes too :-)

  11. ad, from all the kissing photos I've seen, you're right. His tongue does like to probe!

    Anonymous, I think he was pretty comfortable in that shoot. He's far from a stranger to naked women having gotten naked with the rest of the crew in 'Hair' and performing 'Debbie Loves Dallas' amongst topless women.

    Lynn, yes I hope he never plays it safe. Sometimes I wonder whether his knack for PR is natural or whether he's spent a considerable time learning about it.

    La La, I love your avatar! I've just been over to your blog and this is a great post. Hope you enjoy reading this blog too!