Friday, 8 May 2009

A Day of Cyberstalking

Today is a day where Adam Lambert is allowed to step outside of the AI bubble for his homecoming.  He's been doing the rounds in San Diego which I've been trying to keep up with.  So far, he's been at a TV station, a couple of radio shows, to a store and to his old high school to perform.  I've been trying to watch the live streaming from the TV station but despite much cursing, didn't manage to get it working.  At leased I've managed to tune into parts of his radio appearances.  It must be tiring but he looks like he's taking it all in his stride.

From the clips I've seen, the turnout at the events started off very quiet, but have been getting much busier throughout the day with lots of hysterical screaming fans.  There's no diva about him at all and he's been very accommodating and appreciative towards his fans, showing that he's well grounded.  His interactions with his fans both young and old are quite touching and I think he seems a little surprised and overwhelmed.

The first clip I saw today was the Top 4 interview where he talks about his relationship with Kris, his addiction to ice cream which he's been trying to resist, and the judges.  I hope the day doesn't take too much out of him as I think he sounds a little bunged up.

Other video footage so far includes an interview shortly after Adam landed in San Diego, his arrivals at TV and radio stations where he gushes about the kids making signs for him, Adam supposedly doing the weather report but actually ending up doing the star-struck weathergirl's eyeliner, an interview where he describes 'Whole Lotta Love' as 'sexy' like it's a naughty word, and an interview which included a surprise visit from his mum, which was incredibly sweet.  Later, he went to visit his old high school amongst much fanfare, where he performed BoW and MW and cracked up when one girl attempted to streak.  I say attempted because she was still decent!

Here's the best video I could find of his performances so far:

I'm glad he decided to give his voice a bit of a rest from those really high belts.  My thoughts so far are that he seems a little stunned by all the fuss but is having a great time.  He's a true pro when dealing with the media with his intelligent considered answers, coming across as interesting, charming, gracious and the nicest possible person, even as people are throwing themselves at him.  He appears to be championing the cause of all the kids who don't quite fit in and have a tough time at school.  It's been a good day for him so far where he's demonstrated what it takes to be a true idol.

UPDATE: Video of Adam singing the national anthem at Miramar Airbase, which is simply beautiful, and a summary of his day.

UPDATE 2:  If you're not suffering from information overload yet, here's a video that's just surfaced of the last time Adam sang at his high school during his graduation in 2000.  Well worth watching just to see how different he looks.


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