Sunday, 2 May 2010

Heating up GMTV

I was excited and nervous about this first live performance on UK TV of Adam's debut single, postponed because of the volcano. Although audience numbers aren't huge and the performance wasn't scheduled during the peak time, GMTV is still the second most-watched breakfast TV show here. I did have some concerns over how the vocals would come across as it's a difficult song to sing live. The verses sit in his lower range where he doesn't have as much power. They are also quite wordy, allowing little space for the short notes to develop and the result is that it can sound a tad shaky. I needn't have worried though.

I was glad to see that the intro package was great and I agree with Lorraine that he looked stunning - so glam and made up for the morning while the rest of us were still trying to look awake. His hair is very slick, eyes smouldering, skin all peachy and radiant. The white shirt without a jacket dresses him down just a touch and suggests he's ready to get down to business, but fun business. I think there was a fair amount of nervous laughter during the short interview, but the charm worked and the exchange was sweet.

I love that initial expression on Adam's face where he looks so fierce and powerful. Right from the start, we see that he inhabits the song. With the addition of the bejewelled jacket, sparkly spats and very tight trousers, he looks incredibly sharp and chic. The choreography as far as I can tell is the same as for the performances from Japan and is given an edginess from the jerky dance moves. I think the kooky dancers complement (when they're not obstructing our view of Adam) the performance as they shadow his moves rather than compete with him. They also lend Adam a more commanding and domineering presence, which is key to the interpretation of the song. The vocals are solid throughout, unaffected by the dancing, but they really pick up at the bridge where he sets them on fire.


  1. I love this video of his FYE performance his look is gorgeous. Love his hair then wish he would go back to this style (just a lil shorter than now).

  2. Sharon, I miss seeing him as a suited eccentric aristocrat after all those Glam Nation costumes. I'd quite like to see the emo hair back again but I guess it might feel a bit dated now.