Friday, 31 July 2009

Whipping up a Storm in Tampa

I'm shaking my head in resignation as I'm writing this. Adam Lambert, what the fuck have you done with my life?!!! I didn't get round to doing much writing because I got distracted by things to watch. Anyway, here's the Tampa selection:

If people had any concerns about Adam's voice from the Memphis show, they were firmly put to rest in Tampa. 'Baby' WLL had flawless vocals with a sprinkling of stellar high notes and I loved the bluesy riffing near the end. In a change to usual, Starlight saw him up his interaction with the crowd by covering more of the stage. Mad World was another strong performance and Slow Ride saw more goofing about on the fly. It appears there was another black bra (see full version) at the end that Adam reacted to with a delighted 'Ooh!' before twirling it and throwing it back into the audience. It was the Bowie medley that got everyone talking though. Life On Mars had an extended 'freakiest show' move that saw the hip gyration ripple all the way up through his body. The dancing was more fluid than ever. With another excited 'Ooh!' he picked up a red cat o' nine tails whip that was thrown onto the stage during Fame and proceeded to choreograph it into the act, whipping his ass with it. He seemed to handle the whip with much familiarity, like he knows very well what to do with it. A booming 'Thanks for the whip!' followed. Next were the handcuffs, which he twirled about then threw back down. It appeared he was concerned about having hit someone with them, blowing a kiss then looking back in that direction to check again. I'm sure the kiss was more than enough to clear him of all charges. The difficult vocal acrobatics were out in full force, going from a very high 'Let's da-a-a-ance' straight to a very low 'Dance with me...' staying perfectly on pitch towards the end. What another brilliant show, playing about with a bit of S&M just enough to whip our fantasies into a frenzy - it just keeps on getting better.


  1. Adam Bombed...
    You are SO right - up checking (4:11am EST - yes, I'm obsessed)for videos on YouTube for Charlotte and the crowds went absolutely INSANE. It was thunderous. Bras were flying, everyone was out of their seats and his reaction was SATISFACTION! New York Metro shows should be off the wall.