Thursday, 16 April 2009

Satisfaction (Part I)

Adam was the last to perform on the show and boy was he worth the wait. The preceding performances were OK, some a bit lacklustre, some bland. He decided to perform a song by his mum's favourite band, which I thought was quite sweet. It was a little concerned that it might just end up seeming like a poor version of the original but Adam's performance just knocked me out, he was brilliant and totally rocked. He strutted around the stage, flirted at the camera and those vocals... WOW! Unbelievable and spot-on. At times I thought his movements and expressions were mimicking Mick Jagger's but he managed to pull it off with gusto. I really didn't see what Simon was going on about with regards to parts of it being excruciatingly bad or terrible. Where? I loved the look, the lip-curling, the vocal interpretation, the stage presence, charisma, the moves and the high-tempo energy of it all. It was exciting and for me it was the first time he managed to bring everything together to show us the whole package.

The only thing that didn't quite seem to fit was the audience and in that respect I see where Paula and Randy's comments were coming from. He wasn't over the top, it was American Idol that was waaaay beneath him. The American Idol audience just didn't seem worthy of him and his perfomance was much too great for such a small TV talent show audience. None of the other contestants came anywhere close, and I'd never seen anyone else pull something off like he did in this kind of competition. I found myself asking why he hadn't already been discovered. He received the comments graciously and positively, and seemed to be very different to his performing persona, showing a shyer alter ego, but did assert himself when it came to Simon's comments about polarising the audience.

I became hooked, watched the repeat on ITV2+1 and couldn't wait to see his next performance, deciding that he's by far the most exciting contestant on any show.


  1. AI will never be the same again - he was my winner from the moment he opened his mouth at audition. yep it's me (Denise) got this XX

    1. Denise, I agree as I think he changed the game for good. The contestants these days are much more clued up about trying to be artists with more focus on the performance aspect and musical arrangements than ever before.