Friday, 17 April 2009

Top 13 - Black Or White

I didn't think too much beforehand about what Adam was going to sing, as I still wasn't really that into all the details of American Idol. After watching a few semi-decent performances on the show, I switched over briefly to watch Dexter, which the show clashed with. I was gutted when I switched back and realised I'd missed the highlight of the show - Adam's performance of Black or White. I just managed to hear some of the comments afterwards. I decided to watch the repeat on the +1 channel and I thought it was great. The theatrics, the vocals, the dancing, the look - they were all incredible and it was a captivating performance.

He seemed to really love being up on the stage, beaming afterwards and the way he took in the comments was really sweet. I thought he looked like he was quite overcome with emotion. He showed himself to be extremely charming and genuinely surprised, chuffed and relieved by the positive reception, without false modesty or melodrama.


  1. During the feedback, there are times Adam looks about to cry. He must be thinking "OMG! It's finally happening! I have a shot!" Would love to get that look in a photo.

  2. Anonymous, try this photo for that look you're after.

  3. That's the one!!!! Thanks for the posting.