Sunday, 19 April 2009

Top 9 - Play That Funky Music

I found myself quite excited once again, eagerly anticipating what Adam would do this week. After all, he's the reason why I bother tuning in to the show. I wasn't really sure about what the theme was beforehand, and even on the show, I didn't quite know because I missed or tuned out of the introduction part.

Adam was styled his hair into a pompadour again, and was quite funkily dressed, wearing some bright contrasting colours and flares. In the introduction clip, I was pleased that he chose to do something upbeat and when he sang a couple of bars perfectly, I couldn't wait. I just love that voice of his which was high and powerful. I was slightly concerned about what he would do with the song though, because I love it, especially the bassline.

The stage was lit with psychedelic graphics which added to the retro-funk feel of his look. He began the song by writhing a little then strutted about with panache. His voice was strong and had a hint of gravelly tone to it. The song had more of a rock feel to it than the original and when he got to the chorus, its pace picked up and his pitch increased, providing some of his amazing signature high notes. I was happy there was quite a bit of hip swivelling going on and he broke out some aspects of the funky chicken and bow-legged shuffles across the stage. It was an incredibly lively and fun performance, and I was astonished that he managed those extremely difficult vocal acrobatics in pitch perfect fashion. That last note went on for so long, and the run just left me flabbergasted.

Adam seemed very happy after the performance as he seemed to really enjoy it. The comments from the judges were good, and Simon got as close as possible to a compliment without explicitly providing one. I love the way he always seems very serious and modest when listening to the judges, when he could so easily be smug. He made a point of thanking the band, which earned him even more respect from me, if that's possible!


  1. This was an awesome performance. This was the first time I saw him, as I hadn't seen AI that season at all. I was flipping through channels and happened upon the middle of this performance and stood mesmerized in front of the screen like, "who IS that? And OMG he's really hot and really good."
    - Dana

  2. I have all of Adams live performances and they just me make smile. Thank you for your dedication to "our obsession". sjennelle

  3. I have been watching any Adam vids I can find anywhere I can find it since AI8. You can say I am obssessed with Adam Lambert. These vids are very clear and detailed, enjoying them even more then one on U Tube.