Thursday, 10 September 2009

Good Morning Star

As I sat in the hospital waiting to find out what was wrong with my mother, I was expecting a few days' stay as what had happened on previous occasions. I assumed she would be treated and feel better before being allowed to return home. With this assumption, my mind drifted towards the minor inconvenience of being interrupted just as I'd managed to get this blog all up-to-date. I wondered, as I did during the competition, about everything from the arrangement to the staging to the clothes, hair and makeup for the GMA performance. It had been a long time since I'd last had that excited feeling of anticipation and I'd miss following it in real-time. That was before I was given those devastating words that ripped me to shreds. We were in hospital for a few days but my mother never got to return home. Everything else was shot to insignificance and I turned against this obsession.

The GMA Starlight was the first performance I missed after that fateful journey to hospital and my guilt didn't allow me to watch it until a considerable time later, but here goes:

The question was always going to be how Adam would make the song work for the morning crowd as it would be an important opportunity to widen his appeal to a different audience. I correctly guessed that we would see a relatively minimalist Adam with an acoustic arrangement. His look was fairly casual but still fashion-conscious. He sounded very high at the start and there was a slight stutter, but the vocals were pure and smooth without marked losses in volume when sliding into falsetto. We got to hear some of his gorgeous grainy lower register, and also a different singing style where he added an ascending breath between notes. I don't know what the technical term for it is, but there are a couple of examples between 'will never' at 1:43 and 'not to' at 1:48. The song bobbed along merrily - albeit a little rushed - and was bright, conjuring a relaxed and happy feeling on a sunny day. This was partly achieved by the guitar slapping and the keyboard sound resembling a steelpan's, which gave it a very different vibe to the to concert version. I think it's slightly at odds with the meaning of the song lyrics though, which are more on the sombre side. I suppose Starlight is a little too heavy for the morning and needed an injection of cheer. And cheer it did for all those hungry for something new.


  1. Adam Bombed, may you have all the strength you needed. God bless you.
    Forgive me for borrowing some space here. Lynn, sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she get well soon.
    ooo ooo

  2. I've been hurting for you, as I lost my mother January, 2006, and still miss her every day. Thank heaven you're back, albeit with a heavy heart. I've watched the lovely GMA performance so many times, and your added observations make it so much more. Thank You!

  3. I was wondering why my own obsession had waned
    for the past few weeks. I was certainly still interested and curious and wanted more of Adam, but I didn't realize until I just read your blog that it was your descriptions, insights and enthusiasm that inspired my emotions and fed my thinking. So glad you are back despite your journey of grief. Thanks so much for taking the time for us.

  4. I always look forward to your analysis of Adam's performances...I go to work 5 days a week and to dialysis 3x's a week for four finding your blog and reading it has brought me much joy.

    I have re-read your old posts and rewatched the videos here multiple times because rereading you is a lot better than what the mainstream media offers. The reviews I've read do not come close to what you do and so I am so glad I found you.

    I know you are still sad and sometimes it's overwhelming, but your obsession has brought me light. Spending hours hooked up to a machine and knowing I need this machine to live until a kidney transplant...well, let just say your words, my/this obsession = my happy place. My place to escape.

    My mom cried when I told her I was in kidney failure, it wasn't her fault (my high blood pressure)she can't control the bad things in life. It's just a part of life, I'm better off than most, I have a good job with excellent health benefits. I am the US so we know that's not true for all here.

    I say all of this to say Adam Lambert and your posts are my little getaway. I never thought someone I've never met could make me feel so intense this includes you.

    I am still wishing, hoping and praying you find peace. Thank you *hug*tighter hug*rubs ur back*


  5. Wow sorry about the long winded, space out post forgive me.ANN

  6. Morning Adam Bombed. Just drop by to say thanks for the wonderful jobs you have done for the new vid. Watching Adam's perform is a good recharge for me during my breaks. Thanks.
    I enojoy your insight as usual. Thank you very much.
    May god give you all the strength and love you needed. Take care. HUGS ~k65535 ooo

  7. Please feel free to use the space here to express yourselves and don't be shy!

    Lynn, how are you and your mum holding up? Sending best wishes & strength your way.

    Barbara, thank you for reassuring me that I'm not alone. Getting stuck into this is helping a little although I'm so afraid of allowing the memories to fade.

    Anonymous, wow, I never thought I had much effect on others' feelings over Adam - thank you for letting me know. Perhaps I should be on 19's payroll!

    Ann, I pray that you'll find a donor soon. I am especially touched by your positivity and am encouraged by your words. It makes me happy to know that you feel you can come here to find solace and joy. Sending you more light.

    k65535, You wouldn't believe the nightmare I had with the videos. They somehow all got deleted from my computer and I was ready to quit this whole thing. But I had a strong urge to finish the edits I'd started, so I persisted and got back to work.

    Thank you all for the hugs, prayers and your continued support. You have made my days less dark.

  8. Adam Bombed, poor thing. But when you were given a chance to walk away, you chose to stay. Adam Bombed, you are a wise and strong will person. I wish you well.

    Thanks for putting the new concert videos up. His concert will soon be over. That is a bit sad, but life must go on. May we all have a new chapter in our lives. Wish you all well.

    ok. It's time to go back to work now. Take care you all.
    ~k65535 ooo ooo