Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Since this was the last one, I decided to stay up to brave the cellcast last night and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. It was the first time I've managed to sit through the whole set and more. The cellcaster was at the front and the result was similar to some of lower quality videos that have been posted. I'd been a little excited to see what kind of shenanigans would ensue, especially since there was talk of surprises going round the rumour mill. I tuned in at the end of Danny's set, and during the pause, I could feel the buzz of excitement. If salivating, pressure building up in chests and sweating palms make a noise, I heard it along with the intake of breath and the flutter of hearts. I had to turn the volume down a notch when the screen graphics heralded the start of Adam's set. Adam fans don't half scream.

Here are best videos from the final stop of the tour so far with my comments below:

When Adam swaggered onto the stage, the first thing I noticed was the hair - a glittery bouffant pompadour that lent more to sculpture than hairdo. From the subsequent photos, Adam's makeup was extra dramatic with points like tear stains trailing down from his lower lids and rhinestones framing his eyes. He wore a huge indigo gem of a ring.

Adam was on fire during Whole Lotta Love and his energy was explosive. He got 'way way down' and squatted so low he could have been lapdancing for a very lucky midget. His hips took on a life of their own and he threw us 'woman' along with 'backdoor man'. His final flourish ended with an accentuated twirl along with a crotch stroke just for good measure. He introduced Starlight by thanking 'Manchester' in an accent that I thought was a nod to its British counterpart, then thanked the band, telling them 'You guys fuckin'/frickin' rock!' He didn't sway about as much as usual when his back was turned, perhaps a little distracted by something. Mad World sounded good through the cell cast. He lost the timing at one point, but his voice sounded delicate yet full and resonant.

Slow Ride started with thanks to the crowd and a promise, 'I won't disappoint you, get ready for the CD!' It was such a fun end exuberant rendition and I found myself shouting at my screen as the cellcast got cut off. It started with mutual taking the piss out of each other - Adam flapping his limp wrist a la Allison, and Allison gyrating with a sequinned cod piece with a glittery black feather boa as a tail. Adam ogled it for a moment before cracking up. The performance saw flowers being thrown back into audience, a 'hey baby!' to a glittery bra, and another bunch of roses getting sniffed. He added an extra 'Slow' before realising it was actually time for the guitar solo, during which Allison took off the thong and tail. It was all thrown back to the crowd along with a purple something. It was sweet that they held hands up the steps toward the finish. After staring at each other for a shared moment, probably feeling a little emotional, he kissed her hand. Allison extended the song with an extra riff at the end.

The excessive echo effect at the beginning of the Bowie Medley was a little distracting. Adam picked up a Glambert bowler hat that had been lobbed onto the stage at the end of the last song and rested it on top of his hair. He worked it into the performance, giving a little bow before sending it on its way. He commanded the crowd to shake its collective ass at the start of Let's Dance. Antonio the backing singer was holding a chicken and Adam improvised the lyrics, 'You've got a nice chicken too,' before he started spanking him with it numerous times. Adam laughed and after it was thrown to the ground, Adam just couldn't help himself and exclaimed 'Oh! It's a lovely cock!' then threw it into the audience. While singing about a flower, he picked up a bunch of roses to throw into the crowd. At the end, I wondered if he had any more surprises but as the platform lowered, I just wanted to grab that arm to stop him. Want more.

The cellcast caught the last part of the medley and I decided to stay tuned for Don't Stop Believing. I was pleasantly surprised to see that as Kris's mic stand ascended, it was glammed up wrapped in a blue feather boa and I though it must have been Adam's mischievous doing. Kris looked a little surprised but amused as he shook his head. I didn't watch all of the set, but saw Adam come back out for Hey Jude and he was wearing the vest that was slashed low which he wore at the start of the tour. When he ascended for DSB, Kris looked very sheepish in Adam's jacket. I didn't notice at first because I wasn't looking at any of the others. The stage soon became littered with silly string and random objects from all sides and I was glad the caster helped me by following Adam around the stage. Michael and Danny both took turns to wrap Adam up in orange then white boas and I was moved by the genuine camaraderie between all the idols.

After the song finished, Adam walked around the stage, picking up and throwing the objects back to the audience. Kris pretended to throw Adam's coat and it was funny seeing his reaction, a momentary look of terror, to Kris's stitch-up. Adam took off his gloves and his jewellery to give away to his lucky fans as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation, and I was on the verge of feeling all choked up. It was the end of the Idol journey for us all. There were plenty of group hugs, and I felt that he was reluctant to leave the stage. We were all reluctant, but I know that he's destined for much bigger stages. Here's hoping that we don't have to wait too long for him to grace it once again; better, riskier, sparklier, fiercer and no doubt, 'Adamer'.

Thank you Adam for the entertainment and escape.


  1. After watching the last set, I only have one thought. I miss Adam Lambert. I also miss the k65535 on this ride.
    Thanks Adam Bombed for all the vid and your insight. Do take care.

  2. Adam Bombed
    Thank you for coming back to us.
    Thank you Adam for these unforgettable 8 months!
    I hope that this is not the end of this blog....

    Love, annad

  3. thank you ... thank you ... THANK YOU .... reading your post daily is like reading a good book .... thank you for coming back .... take care and all the best!

  4. Hello Adambombed,
    Heard that AI will be sweeping YT and taking down all concert vidoes. Hope yours will be unscathed :)

  5. k65535, let's hope we continue to get more Adam goodies and the k65535 on the ride gets tempted out again!

    annad, I'm not sure what the future holds for this blog, it depends on whether I continue to feel inspired but I'll follow through on the ideas I started.

    Anonymous, thank you for staying!

    Mad, I hope so too but if they do get removed, I'll post them somewhere else. I guess if an official concert DVD is released, the videos won't be needed any more. But then again, they'll probably be somewhat censored and shot only from the waist up!