Monday, 14 September 2009


There were lots of good videos from this stop, but here are my favourites:
Whole Lotta Love - Aggressive, strong vocals, huge 'woman' riff, 'backdoor man' x 2.
Slow Ride - 'C'mon, catch!' when throwing red boa, arm around Allison mid-performance, shimmy of shoulders at end.
David Bowie Medley - Thumb up to band at start, 'Woooh, gifts!', laughing by the bassist, pink bra.


  1. Although I was fully prepared for the crowd's reaction when Adam hit the stage, I was truly amazed at the contrast between the energy for Adam vs. the rest of the Idols. Everything changes when it's Adam's turn. Unfortunately, Kris does not get the same kind of attention.

    I swear Adam was looking right at me at as he was announcing "Starlight". I was holding a sign that read "Adam is my Starlight" and I was standing on my chair sticking out above the crowd dead center. If you look closely, you can see that he is focused on something out in front of him as he says "this next song is from one of my favorite bands...Muse."

    Adam also came out after this show. Remember the scenes of the crowd at the Ed Sullivan show when the Beatles came out on stage? Yeah, it was like that.

  2. Thanks for your sharing your experience, it must have been so exciting! I think earplugs will be a necessity for future public appearances.