Monday, 14 September 2009


Adam warned us that was feeling sick, although from the vocals you would never have known it as there was no holding back. All that theatre training has certainly paid its dividends. Here are the best videos so far - I've included Don't Stop Believing because Adam also sang Kris's part.

Whole Lotta Love - 'Baby' with long riff, backdoor man.
Mad World - Pleasantly surprised he belted the glory note.
Slow Ride - Sending his congratulations to his friends Jimmy and Vince who tied the knot.
David Bowie Medley - Draped round red feather boa, echo clashed slightly with singing.
Don't Stop Believing - Adam rose from platform alone, only changed top half of costume. Sang Kris's parts as Kris would have, kicked a couple of objects off the stage. One arm pinned behind back for much of it. Dished out all the thanks, wished Kris a happy recovery, beauty of a glory note.


  1. Welcome back! I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my dad at an early age and it transformed my life in many ways. You have been doing a great deal of work in the past 72 hours on this site. Impressive. My husband and I attended this concert since I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see Adam. It was disappointing not to see Kris, however, I would have been devastated if Adam hadn't been able to perform. Adam performed so brillantly I didn't even know he wasn't well until reading about it after the performance. My husband, who was an Allison fan, had to admit that the others weren't as entertaining and professional as Adam. Personally, I found the whole concert to be very enjoyable. He has agreed to go to the solo tour concert with me.

  2. Stacey, I have a feeling that many people wouldn't have turned up if Adam weren't able to perform. It must be great to be able to have your husband share the Adam Lambert Experience and enthusiasm with you. Is he likely to become Adam Lambert obsessed by the solo tour?!