Saturday, 12 September 2009

Long Island 1

Hair swept back, slightly dishevelled.
Whole Lotta Love - 'Baby', aggressive, mic stand molesting.
Starlight - Fiddling with earpiece, riffing with 'revelations'.
Mad World - Soft glory note.
Slow Ride - Drake swinging white boxer shorts.
David Bowie Medley - Caught big white boxers from Drake.


  1. guilty pleasure all in one package.The eyes gravitate to only one spot.I feel so naughty but it's oh so good to be a glambert !

  2. Wow! This was the first show I saw Adam perform live..the thunderous reception he received as he took the stage sounded like the arena's roof was caving in...Thought my head would explode when he sang WLL. Definitely left brain fragments splattered across Ste. Agathe after witnessing WLL there. Most dynamic performer I've ever seen.

  3. Anonymous(es), he does kinda like to proudly put it on show! He inspires such passion in fans.