Saturday, 12 September 2009

Newark 2

New hairstyle - swept back but floppy and slightly dishevelled.
Whole Lotta Love - Low first 'love' glory note, 'baby', 'backdoor man' x 2.
Starlight - Punching air in front à la Let's Dance.
Mad World - No belt, just falsetto.
Slow Ride - Black jock strap, 'Finally!', another black piece of underwear swung & flung, white jock strap given to Allison.
David Bowie Medley - 'I'll dance with you two'.


  1. After every Adam's performance I've seen since I dicovered him a few months ago and even after Queenbert gigs I can't help it - Adam is just a miracle! One time he's on stage he totally owns it, on Queenbert shows as well as on these AI concerts! He's amazing!
    My intention was to watch all Adam's performances from the very beginning. But he is so hardworking and keeps us so busy watching his new performances, I don't have enought time to catch up on all those his old ones. Anyway it's always pleasing to see any of his old performances. Before, on or after AI he's always outstanding! And I enjoy everytime seeing him on stage.
    Thanks a lot for sharing the link for this!

  2. Loved seeing this again ladies! Thanks.