Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Well, I'm finally back up to date (sort of) for now, so here's my selection from Providence:
Whole Lotta Love - Excited bouncing on the spot, 'baby', lots of 'Ooh's in riffs.
Starlight - Sends happy birthday wishes to Aaron the drummer, joyful relaxed smiles.
Mad World - A very tender whisper
Slow Ride - Allison enters with riding crop adorned with pink feathers, spanking Adam. Magenta bra, pink bra, pointing to each other at end.
David Bowie Medley - Spring in step, skipping about stage, extra feline & playful, 'shakin' your ass', waves to Aaron, varies up dance moves.


  1. I absolutely loved that performance of Mad World. Just gorgeous.

  2. I went to the Providence performance - and I caught the light pink bra!!!! I threw it back because it seemed weird to keep it. Should I have kept it????? Adam was the star of the show.

  3. Lynn, I'm so happy you saw Adam in concert! I guess you were fairly close to the stage. Feel free to write to tell us all about it.
    Stick with your gut feeling about the bra - it's not like it was Adam's! I think you should feel glad that your fandom leaves you enough sanity to not worship everything he touches!

  4. The concert in Prov was great! I couldn't believe that it was really Adam up there in front of me. I was only a couple of rows from the stage. I have watched so many of the concert videos, it felt like I was another video. I kept asking my daughter, "Is that REALLY him?" It was all so surreal. He is so confident on stage - you can feel the star status coming through. He is just too beautiful.

    The other performers were good - Kris held his own, but I didn't care for some of the song choices. Hey Jude was really good. Matt, Sarver, and Anoop were much better than I expected them to be. Lil was just OK, Meghan did not belong up there, and Allison was just OK - but great with Adam. IMO Allison doesn't have the stage presence yet - but she will grow into it. She just jumps around which seemed odd.

    All in all, Adam was the show. And most of the people were there to see him. No one else.

    As for the bra, the instinct to continue the fun by throwing it back made me not keep it - but it would be a nice memento now! Oh well....

    Adam and I will always have Providence....