Tuesday, 15 September 2009


This was the penultimate stop and despite not being fully recovered from his illness, Adam seemed to have a lot of fun in changing it up. Sporting swept-back hair, he held back a little vocally, but made up for it by letting loose physically. I wonder what surprises he'll have in store for us in tonight's finale.

Whole Lotta Love - Stripper moves on 'way down inside', 'honey', lovely slide on first looooove glory note, 'backdoor man'.
Starlight - Stumbling and laughing, some feedback issues.
Mad World - A few iffy notes at start.
Slow Ride - 'Ooh it's hot in here!', cat o'nine tails, orange boa, small black bra, lots of fun.
David Bowie Medley - Donned a fedora from crowd, not as vocal in beckoning the crowd to their feet at the start of Let's Dance. Hip swivelling, 'run with you two and you two and them two', 'peace' with a giggle, chest pumping & ass thrusting, twirl at end with lower end notes.


  1. Thank you so so much for picking the best videos...it's not an easy task.
    I think you forgot to insert the video of starlight for Syracuse and instead you have embedded the Bowie medley twice. :)

  2. Oops, thanks for letting me know. It's now corrected.