Sunday, 14 March 2010

Adam Unplugged

Updated 14/03/10 to include Take 40 WWFM

Is anyone else having trouble keeping up with this media blitz? I feel like I'm under a huge pile, continuously trying to scramble my way to the top. Australia gave us plenty of unique and humorous interviews as well as some stunning performances. We've also had the release of the VH1 acoustic set which has been a pain to hunt down to watch if you're not in the US. Here are all the recent performances collected together and grouped by song for your convenience:

Music Again - VH1 Unplugged

The arrangement is bright and the keys are tinkly. Although it's an interesting change, I prefer the electric guitar solo. The biggest noticeable difference about this rendition is the missing jump into falsetto. It's very difficult to get it perfect and since this taping was right after the Rock My Town concert, it was probably better to leave it out. I think it works better anyway with the acoustic set.

Music Again - Nova FM

When I watch this video, I find a strange fascination with the way the fine tip of Adam's nose moves when he sings during the close-ups. Also I can see what Adam meant when he described Longineu as being in his own world.

Mad World - VH1 Unplugged

What I like most about this version is Adam's choice to revert to the high 'Very very', something I've missed and haven't heard him sing since Top 8 night on AI.

Mad World - Marble Bar, Sydney

This is a peculiar upbeat arrangement based on the original Tears for Fears version and sets a very different mood. With energy bubbling out of him, watching those animated hand gestures and Adam's raised knees as he hits those highs is almost like watching him in fast-forward.

Whataya Want From Me? - VH1 Unplugged

This rendition comes with a nice change during 'It's me, I'm a freak' and plenty of variations in the timing. My favourite part is the beautifully smooth falsetto of 'So-o just don't give up'.

Whataya Want From Me? - Nova FM I

Whataya Want From Me? - Nova FM II

In this performance, Adam's voice sounds slightly huskier than usual and he holds back on the high parts. It's also one of the rare performances where we get to see him sing in a studio without audience interaction so his eyes are closed throughout the whole song.

Whataya Want From Me? - Take 40

Adam sounds a little hoarse here too but I love the bridge.

Broken Open - VH1 Unplugged

This is a rousing performance with breathtaking vocals. I love how he used his voice over the instrumental break.

Down The Rabbit Hole - VH1 Unplugged

After the softness of the previous songs in this unplugged set, the dynamic change giving us a rougher tone makes for a pleasant contrast. This is one of my favourite tracks, hectic but such fun and performed very theatrically.

Sleepwalker - Nova FM

This is a stunning acoustic debut where Adam's voice is full of that resonant rock grit which I'm particularly fond of. There is so much I love about these vocals, including the way he belts out 'But you don't wan't me' working in the vibrato, the final 'Eyes wide shut' and his crazy riffing.


  1. Ab you have been so very busy. Thank you, thank you. I love them all, but Broken Open has my heart. I would like to know how you get invited to be in the audience to see Adam at a venue like this.

  2. I’ve missed VH1 unplugged session when it was available on YT. AB, thank you so much for posting these vids! Now I have one wish more – Adam Lambert Unplugged CD! Diana

  3. I found VH1's WWFM & MA acoustic version very different from the others. WWFM is very vulnerable. I luv how he changed the arrangement of WWFM in a way that it reflects his emotions on that specific moments. VH1's DTRH is very theatrical. Luv it.
    AB,thanks for putting these up for us.

  4. Ab is there a way to get a MP3 of this Broken Open? I just love this acoustic version. Thanks Luv ya.

  5. AB: Love all the acoustic stuff....although I'm really getting kick out of Adam in Japan!!! Man, those glitter pants are rocking the world....

  6. I know I'm just repeating what's been said a million times - but how amazing for a performer to be better live than in studio. Do all of you notice that your fav songs change after hearing/seeing him live? I am constantly switching - another way he keeps everyone entertained!!
    AB, so appreciate your work.
    Anonymous 5

  7. Adamspirit, I seem to remember seeing an advert for audience members and you had to be selected out of those who applied. I think they might have wanted audience members to have a certain look. I might well be wrong and totally made that up though. I'd love to see him in a small venue. He isn't that famous here in the UK so maybe there's hope yet.

    Diana, I think I'd be battling with you to be first in line to get an unplugged CD!

    K(*Glitter*), you're welcome. WWFM is definitely different every time. I think DTRH works better when he works the stage rather than be seated.

    Lynn, who woulda thought they'd get so much press, eh?! It's like they're a celebrity in their own right!

    Anonymous 5, definitely! The live performances always add something to the song that the studio just doesn't ever seem to be able to capture.

  8. AB I totally agree about the trouble getting through the Adam pile! I spend hours at the computer every day. But loving it! ;-)

    Thank you again and again for all your work - I would be lost without it!

    BB`s coming to Sweden mars 31 but as yet we haven´t heard anything about any possibility to get to see him. It seems like its gonna be press only. :-(

  9. omg i love you. I couldnt find this anywhere on tv! i pratically cried cause i thought i missed it! hah(: I can finally watch it thanks

  10. In case anyone wanted mp4 and mp3 downlaods hers a link. they all work for the ipod(: