Thursday, 4 March 2010

World Domination Begins Down Under

Adam provides us with yet another strong performance of Whataya Want from Me? from Australia's So You Think You can Dance? getting the crowd screaming.

There's another nice little variation on 'It's me, I'm a freak' and an extended last note on a near-perfect vocal. Although I must say I'm starting to prefer the acoustic arrangement, maybe because I've heard the standard version many times already. It's great to see Adam dress for the occasion with the bejewelled sleeveless hoodie being the closest we'll probably ever get to seeing him sporty. And what a charming little interview it is at the end. One thought that has become clearer to me during this performance is that Adam doesn't need dancers. Even though they were excellent, they were battling for the focus of my attention and somewhat detracting from the performance. Adam is already so visually fascinating, I find by having the dancers there's just a little too much going on.

With next stop Mardi Gras and the opportunity to really express himself creatively and be outrageous, I'm already excited about his next outfit.


  1. Agree with you about dancers. Unless dancers are super sexy and are engaging/dancing with Adam and only on a couple of songs. And ballet trained dancers please :)

  2. I loved how excited the crowd was for Adam's performance. Nice to know that he is a hit down under, that the tweets and messages boards have been reflecting reality. Interestingly about the dancers, one of the relationships represented was two males. I do agree. I prefer my Adam on the stage with only his band. Thank you for getting this up so fast. A lovely start to my day.

  3. So there were dancers? Oh, I see now! Thanks for having this up for us. When I came home, your blog was the first that I checked on. And yeah, you got this ready for us. I really appreciate it. And thanks for your thoughtfulness on having the poll for us. Lambosessed, you rock. ~K

  4. The dancers were all right, but Adam doesn't need visual props other to enhance his performances, IMHO, Crazy at art4life being the lone notable exception.

    BTW, I reeeally hope that in the partying people at Mardi Gras there's someone with a camera ready! I NEED to see the crazy outfit that he's mentioned in the interview....

  5. Where was Tommy miss hem????

    Adam is amazing als always.

  6. I agree concerning the dancers. I rather have
    just Adam to look at. I didn't even watch the
    dancers. Adam is too talented to have such
    distractions. All we want is you, ADAM.

  7. AD, I found myself sniggering during the video at one point, where the corner of the shot showed the dancers about to hump each other. It was a dance show though so I can excuse it!

    ezrasace, there were so many ear-piercing screams from the audience I'm so happy and a little surprised that he was so enthusiastically received.

    K(*Glitter*), you're welcome! I'm just being democratic :)

    kosh-1662, I think part of the problem was that there were three separate choreographed dances going on around the stage and the visual focus was a little all over the place.
    I'm still in love with that Art4Life performance and want to see him to do something like that again. I think the reason why Art4Life worked so well was because Adam was dancing and the other dancers just complemented him. They seemed to shadow him, keeping him as the centrepiece of the routine rather than do their own separate thing.
    Me too! I'm looking forward to seeing Adam let loose and really camp it up.

    Marja Maasdam,
    I'm not sure what happened to Tommy although there are plenty of rumours flying around.

    Anonymous, Adam doesn't need the dancers but I would love to see Adam do more dancing!

  8. definitely agree about the dancers, although they were good, wanted to push them out of the way, they were interfering with the performance rather than enhancing it. Yep! it's me again (Denise)

    1. Denise, I guess it would be a bit on the difficult side as they are a dance show. Wish we could have an Adam Lambert show, even if it was just him just sitting there waiting for his nails to dry!