Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Roaring in Singapore

OK this is very late but I thought I'd post anyway, just for completeness. The trip started off with a horde of people waiting to greet Adam at the airport who he unfortunately and inadvertently bypassed. There are plenty of videos showing the huge crowds who lined up just to get a glimpse of Adam come rain or shine. One of the things I noticed first was the slightly different demographic of the fans, being younger than their US counterparts. There are some great interviews that came out of this trip.

Here is an embedded playlist of Adam's acoustic set, use the arrows to select the song.

The highlights of this set for me are Sleepwalker with the elaborate riffs, MW and DTRH. I love the upbeat arrangement of MW with that last note being nothing short of astounding. DTRH is full of infectious energy with Longineu's dreads flying about and Adam himself succumbing to the music by getting up and shakin' it. There is something very Michael Jackson about his outfit, from the black sequinned jacket to the white gloves.


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