Sunday, 21 March 2010


When I first heard about Adam heading to Boy George's party, my first thought was WTF? I hadn't heard much about Boy George in recent years apart from tabloid stories about his seriously bizarre (and somewhat hilarious) offence of imprisoning a gigolo and threatening him with sex toys. He hasn't had the best publicity of late but I think Adam would have found it really interesting to meet one of his visual muses and to talk about their shared experience of being heavily influenced by David Bowie.

After some pondering, it seems to make more sense that Adam was there for networking. Most of us remember Boy George for his Culture Club days but he also achieved considerable success as a big-name club DJ, only he was less visible. He did a series of best-selling house remix albums for Ministry of Sound, perhaps the biggest global dance music franchise. I'm not sure whether he still has much clout with that scene, but turning Adam's songs into club remixes and getting them spun along with his dancier numbers could acquire him quite a following. I hope Adam will be marketed more as an electropop-dance artist over here because I don't believe his straight-up rock will do particularly well. Having a club hit before the TV promo circuit reveals his AI connection would certainly be to his advantage for sustaining commercial success. It's prevalent because of the backlash against reality shows' stranglehold over the charts, as demonstrated by our Christmas campaign against the X-Factor winner. The current timescales for Adam's single and album releases rule this out, but maybe it's something to consider further down the line. But what do I know? I don't follow Boy George or the pop charts, but sometimes it's fun to just speculate.


  1. I like both Boy George and Adam! Nice to see these pics!!! I'd love to find some videos too from their meeting.

    I found some high quality video downloads with Adam at but I couldn't find anything from this meeting.
    Maybe it wasn't filmed... :(