Tuesday, 30 March 2010

München & Drinking

Looks like Adam is seriously sick of lazy interviewers regurgitating the same questions over and over judging by his little twitter rant. The top of the list of most irritating questions for me is meeting Madonna. I mean, how many fucking times has that already been asked and why the fuck would we want to hear the same answer yet again? I thought that Queen rumour should have died the first time Adam denied it. And why the fuck is he still being asked about his brand of eyeliner? I'd also add the AMA controversy to the list too. It was good of him to tweet us a photo at the end of the day unwinding with a beer just to reassure us that he wasn't too stroppy.

I haven't had much contact with German fans so was a little concerned that Adam would disappear into the ether and we'd have a news blackout but thankfully that hasn't been the case. With a new haircut, he was greeted by enthusiastic fans in Munich and he even did an acoustic set. Now I'm feeling rather jealous that we didn't get any performances from him in the UK. The interview we had yesterday was fun as Adam entertained us with his attempts at speaking German.

Here's the set. I suspect Bravo are going to release a professional recording soon but impatience and the need to have a full version got me to tinker with frustratingly truncated videos of Sleepwalker.

DOWNLOAD Bravo Munich Sleepwalker mp3 - 4.4MB
DOWNLOAD Bravo Munich Sleepwalker iPod compatible mp4 - 32.0MB


  1. AB - In total agreenment about the same old stupid questions!!! I am sick of hearing them so I can just imagine how Adam feels!! Enough! Of course, he will be painted as a Diva now here in the states....guess people can't be too honest. But Adam is correct!! And I loved the gay gay gay yea rant! I don't give a bleep who he wants to fuck - just ask about the music!!! God damn!!!

    Go Adam -give em hell....

  2. Oh and he's STILL beautiful....

  3. I lived in Munich for many years before I moved to California and I am thrilled that Adam performed live at Bravo. Epic! While I am frustrated about the same old questions as well we have to realize that many countries and many people are just getting to know Adam. They don't live in the same Adam bubble as his most ardent fans and they have not followed each and every interview that has been conducted. Let's be patient and appreciate the publicity he gets. I am sure that Adam would still not trade his new celebrity status with his life before Idol.

  4. Well I agree with Anonymous above regarding be patient. We should remember that there are still so many people who never heard about Adam. How many people have seen American Idol in Europe? I don’t think that audience is huge. I must admit that I hadn’t seen any AI seasons at all until I saw Adam’s performance with Queen on internet. And only after that I started googling all about Adam... OMG I was so amazed ... what a talent and incredible singer I discovered to myself... And here I am – totally bewitched by Adam Lambert... And so will be more and more people, they just don’t know yet :))
    If these same questions were asked in US why we should expect that there will be different questions in other countries? I do agree that media people could be more creative but who cares what is Adam’s future plans if they don’t know who is Adam? And of course to get attention of audience journalists ask questions that might be interesting to general audience not only to fans. So I think we have to get on with these same questions now while Adam is doing his PR around the world. But if there will be the same stuff when Adam will be back in US that would be a reason to be really angry... Sorry for my long comment but very frank one... Diana

  5. OMG I was so busy with my comment... I forgot to say thank you to AB for vids, especially for Sleepwalker! My THANK YOU is as big as universe :))) Diana

  6. OK - it's true - they don't live in the same bubble - but come on - aren't interviewers and reporters looking for new material?? You would think that they would at least check out other interviews to see what has already been gone over. These interviews are all over you tube and the same questions pop up over and over and over again. I know American interviewers are not doing their job because they keep asking the same questions too!

    Some interviews have been very good - for instance, the questions that Adam was asked in Australia and Great Britain were not so much about the gay thing, or the Madonna thing, but showed his personality and sense of fun. He seemed to loosen up a bit.

    AB - thanks for your vids!!

  7. One day someone will ask "So, what was it like? Did you really meet Adam Lambert?" to which Madonna replied, "Yes, before Lady GaGa did!!"

  8. Lynn, it's funny that after he tweeted about those questions, he got asked about tweeting those questions and he ended up answering them all over again!

    Anonymous, Diana, when I read that back I realise I sounded much more pissed off than I'd intended. I agree that I need to exercise more patience but I'm frustrated by the crapness of that Madonna question. I mean, I don't believe these interviewers all came up with that question independently so they must have heard other interviews and somehow decided it was a good question to re-use, despite the rather boring reply. I guess that's what I find so annoying.

    Anonymous, I love your reasoning on your last comment! I also believe he is going to be huge.

  9. AB

    No kidding. Adam meeting Madonna is ho-hum to me. It's really not that interesting to begin with. UGH.

    Oh yes, he will be answering the same damn 3 questions for the rest of his life.

    Did you see the new photo that did not make the DETAILS magazine?? Oh it's a beauty!!! And I don't mean the girl....