Monday, 8 March 2010

Up and Adam at Sunrise

So this is the next stop on this glorious headfuck of a rollercoaster. Now on the right side of the morning, night-owl Adam Lambert's sweet voice eases Australia out of its slumber from a weekend of indulgence.

Less than twenty-four hours ago, it was all about the camp and glam and images of that outfit are circulating fresh in our minds. Our eyes are still recovering from being poked. I never thought that just seeing Adam dressed down would be able to shock me, but that's exactly what it's done. Codpiece. Tights. Studs. Sparkle. Bondage. Plain clothing, bare face. Huh? WTF?!

I wonder how hard Adam ended up partying because in the video he looks a little bleary-eyed with an aversion to the studio lights. If that is the case then good for him. With that hectic schedule (I'm exhausted & I'm not even there), he deserves a good knees-up. I just wish I could look a fraction that good during a stinking hangover.

This is the first time acoustic WWFM has been televised. The rendition is very slow-paced and I notice that his voice has a slightly different timbre. It sounds coarser than usual but I love the rich and resonant tone. He avoids belting the high notes which makes me suspect that he might have a bit of a cold. Even so, it's an honest, gentle performance done beautifully and I think I prefer the acoustic arrangement of the song. What a contrast though, I'm still gasping with shock!


  1. I don't think I can remember any performance with this many close-ups. He looked stunning. Think you're right about the vocals and a cold. Loved this performance. (Nikki)

  2. Hey AB - Had a rough week, and I've been kind of out of it. I love this performance and the earring is to die for. About how many Adams have we seen down under? Holy cow. I think he has clones or something. That codpiece was an amazing little addition to the glambulge....

    I have a question. I have been thinking about the stage at American Idol. It seems this year, they are singing more songs on the smaller set. Each person so far has sung at least 2 songs. Didn't Adam only perform ONE song - Satisfaction on that smaller stage? And then he moved to the bigger one with Black or White. This year on AI seems quite different. The talent is useless this year....Adam has spoiled me. I was hoping that Adam's participation would have brought more theater people - more flamboyance - but instead we are stuck with Kris Allen and 5 Danny Gokey clones. UGH.

  3. Nikki, you're right, there have never been so many close-ups and they're much appreciated. After watching the latest acoustic MW though, I think I might be wrong about the cold.

    Lynn, sorry things have been tough, I'd been wondering where you'd been. I hope you can find some welcome escapism here to help you.
    Adam down under has been amazing! It's almost like Adam concentrate because he's got such limited time there.
    Yes, they've changed the format. Wish we'd been able to see even more from Adam. He just sang Satisfaction twice on the small stage. Not sure why they've changed the format as they're just prolonging the length of time it takes for paint to dry.

  4. It's just annoying because all of these awful singers are singing more than Adam ever sang!!!! Wow say that 3 times! Ha! It's so refreshing seeing Adam overseas where the atmosphere seems less uptight. We Americans really need to loosen up.

  5. I love the look with no makeup! Wish he would perform this way more often.

  6. I just saw this video and have to comment. He looks incredible and sounds same singing acoustic style. Can't wait for next album.

  7. Sharon, I completely agree! So excited for album #2.

  8. I always love when Adam performs this song acoustically. We can really hear his beautiful voice loud and clear. He does look sleepy but it's so early in the am.