Friday, 26 March 2010

Feverish Fantasy

As I'm being all democratic, I've been doing these in the order of the poll you voted on, so here is the penultimate song in the set, Fever.

Fever is the most fun and camp song for a live performance and Adam seems particularly mischievous and impish in his demeanour. He's like a kid whose parents have just gone out and he's raided their wardrobes playing grown-up dress-up in front of the mirror. The outfit, especially with the feathers and the hat make him seem particularly flamboyant. His movements are so dramatic and bouncy and strutty, but at the same time very graceful with his fluttering limp wrist like a little bird in flight.

DOWNLOAD Fever mp3 10.0MB
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  1. Muchas gracias por el esfuerzo que ponés para brindarnos éstos maravillosos videos de éste maravilloso artista que amamos.
    Gran trabajo!, saludos desde Argentina.

  2. Thank you. Much appreciated!!

  3. Thank you very much, AB! I was waiting for this one, since so far all the videos I watched had very poor audio... I can't wait for next concert, I read somewhere that he could perform "Voodoo", and IF he does I could DIE!

  4. As always great work done! Thank you for articles too, specially for your view regarding Adam’s exposure in UK. It makes sense and I just can’t wait when more and more people all over the world will hear Adam singing, this would be best PR :) Diana

  5. Thanks Lambosessed. LUV IT. LUV IT. LUV IT.
    Adam is so damn HOT! I just couldn't take my eyes off the screen. f-f-f-fever :D

  6. p.s. luv the new logo at the top. You must be on the cloud that Adam is in UK right now. Hope you get to see him. :D ~K

  7. Another great job,you are the best,I al ready say that to you but it is straight from my heart.

    LOVE from Holland

  8. This is so great--I was at the concert, but too far back to get every little wonderful wiggle and expression that you have in this video. Damn, he is just SOOO yummy. AB-I'm still giggling over your school girl uniform comment in an earlier post--I've got to say that as a lesbian in love with Adam(I know there are a lot of us)- it has added a whole amusing layer to his kilt appearance! Ah-I love it when the gender binary is broken....