Thursday, 21 May 2009


America you FUCKING SUCK for your love affair with mediocrity, uniformity, conformity and blandness.
FUCK YOU America for your monumental failing to recognise inspirational talent.
FUCK YOU judges for your stupid pimping.
FUCK YOU American Idol.

*Gets ready to dodge the impending vitriol*

I'm sure I'll regret that rant at some point.  My only consolations are:
Seeing that Glambert ensemble.
Adam performing with Queen.
Adam being saved from having to repeatedly sing that crap song.

I feel microscopically better after that.  Feel free to vent away.


  1. totally agree
    America does not deserve Adam
    hope he comes to Europe where he well be LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY.

  2. While I am American, I'm afraid you are 100% correct. This is a sad day. Nothing else to say.
    I love you, Adam!

  3. please keep this blog open-the two sites i read most faithfully for adam lambert information are yours and the adam lambert thread at twop. and i think the latter will die after tonight. i love your discussions, and i'm going to go thru major withdrawal. i'm very sad tonight--but he ROCKED Kiss and Queen. so glad we got to see him with Kiss.

    via twop, 38 million votes came from arkansas about 40 % of the total--and you know almost all of those were votes for the hometown boy. that makes me feel a lot better about this outcome--it looks like it wasn't anti-adam homophobes, but the small town folk of a small state, really supporting their local lad. i doubt many of the california stars who loved adam were willing to power vote for him last night. (and you shame me--i only power voted for 4 hours; it didn't occur to me to try to game the system and vote in different time zones).

    anyway, thanks for what you've done so far, and please keep writing and updating us on his performances.

  4. American Idol is about the American Dream of a nobody from nowhere becoming a somebody. Adam is above that, he is already great and does not need AI to make him a star. AI provided a platform for him to allow us to see him in all his wonder. He can truly be the artist he wants to be without the restraints of Idol. Notwithstanding what I have said I am bitterly disappointed. Adam wanted to win so that makes me doubly sad. I go to bed with a heavy heart.. I would like to write some insightful stuff but am too upset with the voters right now, so I will end by saying Go fuck yourself you got it wrong America.

  5. Adam B I know right now you are really upset as are we all but Ihope you will be able to post the performances of Adam tonight they were truly magnificent, Adam being true to himelf in all his glory. Thanks in advance for everything.

  6. Okay, we at TALC (a great Adam site) have coined our new motto: "Kris is the Idol; Adam is the ICON". That is all that needs to be said. I look forward to many years of Adam, our next worldwide icon of music/performance.

  7. Fuck you religious fanatics. I cannot possibly comprehend how such a talent and voice of change can be ignored.
    Last night when Adam pointed to Kris and said "this guy". I thought to myself...Kris can never win after tonight...but the moment he was singing with Queen and KISS, you can see how incredibly comfortable he felt in his skin. That's what I want for him...a complete glam rocker! Drama! He would be a killer entertainer...
    However, i cannot stop crying. :(
    America got it all wrong!

  8. Here's what I think: there would have been great symbolism in an Adam win. Symbols bear great societal importance. We rely on them as a species to convey connectivity; how we think and feel. Words become unnecessary. Communication with a glance. We are visual creatures after all. Adam represented the outrĂ© – society’s margins – a place he’d occupied most of his young life. He was the fat kid in school – into the arts. Oddball, unusual – definitely not mainstream. He was castigated for it – as all who march to that different drummer often are. Just watch his graduation video (it's available on YouTube). There he is – that incredible voice soaring to heaven – but when the camera pans across the stage or into the audience – you see his classmates talking behind their hands and snickering. Adam was a joke.

    So here he is, 10 years later – a fabulous creature of his own design - that glorious voice honed to perfection. He was ready. But America was still in high school, still snickering behind their hands. Elect the gay kid class president? Not on your life! But more than that – more than rejecting someone so beautiful he made your heart ache – underlying the rejection was a truck load of fear. Why? Because Adam was a symbol; a great rainbow flag announcing America had changed. If Adam Lambert had won American Idol in spite of being gay and Jewish – then others who existed on society’s margins might try and step forward into the light as well. And we’d be forced to reckon with them – to take them seriously. That’s why this was important – why it went beyond one supremely talented performer. Adam Lambert would have won for all the disenfranchised. There’s your symbol. America’s first openly gay Idol.

    And Adam’s win would have been a legitimate one – not manufactured as some kind of comfit or an appeasement to silence loud voices (appeasing the loud in meaningless ways is almost a disease here in America). The man’s madly talented – a true superstar. Now I’m not saying Kris Allen isn’t talented, or under other circumstances (such as an Adamless Idol) wouldn’t deserve the win. He is; truly - he just doesn’t compare to Adam. No one on that stage did. Adam was and is in a class by himself. So his not winning (despite all that talent), points to other things – especially when you look at all the fear-driven hysteria of the last few days. I’m not saying Bill O’Reilly’s hit piece was solely responsible; but when you couple it with all the other anti-gay, heavily political folderol that accompanied it – a pattern emerges. I live in the south. In my area – some local DJ’s exhorted listeners to not vote for the gay guy. They didn’t even mention Kris by name – just hated on Adam. Ever since his ‘Ring of Fire’ performance – Adam has been regularly dissed on local radio. And from what I’ve heard – a few local churches spoke out against him as well. Danny Gokey’s pastor wasn’t the only preacher to bring religion into the mix. As many people voted against Adam as for Kris.

    So Adam's loss is devastating for a multiplicity of reasons. I'm heartbroken. He really deserved that win - not just for his fans – but because it would have stood for something. In a way - Adam represented anyone who felt disenfranchised. That’s added an extra layer of unhappiness over the whole thing. He lost for reasons other than singing. I cannot tell you how sad that makes me feel.

  9. Adam was too good for American Idol - I said it all along - he was above this stuff. At least we had a fun ride. I am diappointed, but we would never have gotten to know this guy if it hadn't been for AI. As much as it kills me to say it, AI discovered Adam Lambert. I feel so bad right now but at least he won't have to be saddled with that crap KARA song...that's a BIG plus. He will have a fab career and we will be listening to him for years to come. I am hooked on this guy - can't listen to anybody else.

    America is stupid - look how we voted GWB in TWICE!!

  10. Elvis was treated the same, the south would not play his records and called him the devil, if American Idol was around then he would not have won either and look what happened to Elvis. Enough said.

  11. I can't even begin to express how upset I am about Adam not winning. America really is stupid. I don't see Adam as the loser in this. American Idol is the loser. Kris' winning, just after last night's performance, looked down right silly. I believe he really meant it when he said Adam deserved the win. He knew he hadn't won because of his singing.

    I admit I'm not a fan of American Idol. I've always felt the show was rigged. I only watched this year because I kept hearing about this guy named Adam Lambert and watched couple videos of him. I watched him on AI for the first time when he sang Whole Lotta Love. I thought he was out of this world that night. Of course, since then, he's grown on me A LOT.

    I'm hoping by writing this I will start to feel better. I will go back to not watching AI after this. I was not happy about him having to sing that coronation song as the winner, so I guess that's one silver lining in this huge cloud. I really hope Adam is at peace today. America is STUPID!!!!

  12. Wow, reading these comments sure makes me feel a lot better! Adam was my favourite from Day 1, and I was absolutely gutted after last night's finale. I have nothing against Kris personally, he is a pleasant and talented guy, but he's really middle of the road and John Mayer-izes just about everything. Adam was the only performer to whom I looked forward each week, and he REALLY deserved to win IMO

    On the bright side at least he doesn't have to release THAT SONG as his first single, and Kris sounded no better performing it the second time ...

  13. FOX played it safe. That's all. There would have been huge backlash from their viewers if Adam had won. All this sensationalistic stuff was hyped at the end of the competition. " Are you ready for a gay idol" crap. Danny's votes went to Kris because he was not the scary guy who looks different. Adam's talent could possibly be polarizing - some people don't like that style. But I hate that middle of the road Kris thing that is a total bore. We have too much mediocity period.

    The good thing is the Adam stayed true to himself - he is certainly not a loser of this competition in my mind. He got exposure and that's what he needed to do his thing. And thank god - he does his thing really well. Can't wait for more from him....

  14. Oh well, AI is just a game show. Kris is a true winner of a game, that I stand by. Why not? He is likable. However, the entertainment industry is not a game show. You need more than "likable" or so called "talented".

    The key is that the craziness over their idol must last, at least longer than a game show. Given that, it will be tough for Kris. There are so many Kris out there, but there is only one Adam Lambert.

    Kris Allen might be the winner of a game show but Adam Lambert is a true winner in the reality. End of story.