Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Run-Up to Top 3 - Judge and Personal Picks

It's getting to the final stretch and Adam needs to continue with his upward climb from the past two weeks. I think he'll manage it but if he plays it level, I'm afraid it won't be enough. This week is pretty open in terms of the type of music we're going to be hearing. I believe from the homecoming event that there are a couple of possibilities for Adam: One by U2 and Wicked Games by Chris Isaak. These aren't definite but I kind of wish I was clueless as I really loved it last week when Whole Lotta Love came out of the blue as a complete but very welcome surprise. I really appreciated the fact that Adam came back from the Glumbert Day scare with all guns blazing, giving us a thrilling performance. And frankly, we were gagging for some of that crazy Adam we hadn't quite seen since RoF. To be able to hear him sing two songs by himself tonight just hasn't come soon enough. I haven't managed to refrain from speculating, but I think I've managed not to build up my expectations too much.

I think One is a great song although I'm not quite sure what Adam could do with it to make it really special. It's not the most exciting song and I don't see it to be challenging enough as I think he does best when he's really pushed. I'm guessing we'll be relying on the pure emotion of the vocals to drive home the impact as I don't think One lends itself well to being re-arranged. But then again, although the song is lacking in light and shade, I feel I can pretty much rely on Adam to shine his fog lights and dig a trench, then slap a bonus 1000lb firework on top.

I love Wicked Games by Chris Isaak. It's one song I'd already entertained in my mind that I'd like to hear him sing. It's not quite mainstream and such a stirring, intensely gripping and steamy song that simmers a heartbeat away from boiling point. It doesn't have much range in terms of pitch, but there's a lot of room to play with in regards to the emotional delivery. Providing he doesn't mess with the arrangement too much, it's quite bare, which should enable him plenty of space to allow us to marvel when his voice unfolds its spectrum of nuances. I'd be interested to hear more of his lower range which I think would better suit the song's sensuality. Adam can express the anguish and desperation of obsession like no one else can. I have no doubt he'll be able to connect to the song and in doing so, he'll connect us to the song. The only problem is that we might die watching it! The lyrics describe how we feel towards him, and for him to return the sentiment might just send us over the edge! Someone will have to mop my remains up off the floor after I've melted in his heat then drowned in the agony of yearning.

Of course he might not even sing these songs at all as I'm doubtful that Wicked Games will get cleared. I'm not quite as nervous as last week, just a little apprehensive. I'm excited to see what's in store but a little concerned from the Tweets I've picked up that Kris has been doing very well this week. If Kris has a 'moment' and Adam doesn't amaze with his songs, then it's possible that Adam might end up in trouble. GET VOTING!


  1. Your post couldn't come soon enough for me as you formulated perfectly all the thougts that were running through my head.
    I feel very nervous but that is my usual state on Tuesdays. Both songs are beautiful but I am in agreement with you about One as it doesn't have a room for improvement...so it is a dangerous selection from Simon. Another rumor floating around is Rebel, Rebel as Adam's personal choice. And that could be interesting also from a visual point of view.
    Kris represents danger to me, but especially in the finals! Because of all existing voting arrangements wupported by local public and churches, it seems that a competition of fans (how well they are organized, whether they have ability to power vote with ATT phones) may be more important. Though Adam has more fans than the other two contestants, much more, we are not organized as well. I do believe though that our sincire and passionate support will get Adam through.