Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Big Question That Just Won't Fuck Off

One of the first questions during the press conference just after the final results show was relating to Adam's sexuality.  Since then, it's been a recurring interview theme to ask questions that dance around the subject.  None of the interviewers will ask the question directly because there's no way you can ask the question without sounding like a complete dick.  Even Ryan Seacrest has hidden behind the pretence of asking him whether it affected his chances of winning.  For someone who claims to lack a filter, Adam is very savvy and has tactfully handled his questions in the best manner possible with his charm and quick wit, and he's been successful at somewhat deflecting the question and bringing the focus back onto his music and style.  He seems to enjoy playing the media, teasing them, giving them plenty, but keeping the unequivocal answer they seek just agonisingly out of grasp whilst showing them to be the stupid fools they are, but I wonder how long he can maintain it before the question ends up wearing him down.  I'm finding it yawningly tiresome and I'm not even the one being asked.  When the analysis of the results has finished, what will they use next to try to beat the answer out of him?  I have a horrible feeling that the pressure is going to keep building, they're going to keep pummelling him and it's not going to stop until he gives the answer.

For any sentient being who has bothered to look, the answer to the big question is glaringly obvious.  Adam's told us he's not hiding anything and he's given us an abundance of allusions for us to draw our conclusions from.  We've seen plenty of photos, he's never tried to deny or cover anything up and he's told us he has nothing to hide, it's not an issue for him.  A quick look at what was his MySpace page leaves us in no doubt.  He's changed a load of lyrics in the songs he's done to become gender neutral.  He loves Gossip Girl and dressing up.  Some of his responses have all but been a full-on declaration.  There's little in the way of ambiguity.  To the question 'Do you think your sexuality affected your chances of winning?' he's acknowledged the question and gone on to answer it, not take issue with the question.  His role model is Harvey Milk and he has talked about ACIGC representing new civil rights issues.  When asked whether he was bi-curious, he answered Laura Saltman with a flirtatious look, telling her she was helping him with that.  When asked about the elephant of a question, he told us it was pink, which made me laugh.  It was sharp, witty and very clear in its message.  Come on!  What more do they want?  Do they seriously need a public display of sodomy?

Adam has such class and does not need to be dragged down to the level to get that pointless elusive headline.  I mean, does he really need to spell it out letter by letter for inane assholes?  The media persistence and its obsession with being able to correctly pigeonhole him really pisses me off.  Who - apart from those hungry for a big headline - actually wants or needs explicit confirmation?  It really isn't necessary to state the obvious and the fact that it is so obvious and the media are still hunting it down only serves to make it seem all the more ridiculous.  We know he is sex personified and it's really not important to pinpoint the category he fits neatly into.  His sexuality is such a non-issue for most of those who care and is only significant in the way it affects his art.  I really hope he doesn't succumb to the pressure and never explicitly proclaims his sexuality because I just find the idea of a front page declaration vulgar and tacky.  I think it would essentially undermine part of his mystique if he places himself within the confines of a box.  Like his art, he doesn't belong in any box and I hope he continues to evade the stupid label they're trying to pin on him.


  1. I'm totally with you. We have a way to go before the mainstream is totally accepting and honouring of people who seem "different". And when Adam was on that conservative show he was standing up for everyone who has ever felt different. He is superb, gifted, a dark angel who is making people start thinking differently, awakening their uniqueness, their creativity. We are not quite there yet, but a change is coming.

  2. Oh, how I agree with you! I hope that the rumors of him 'coming out' in the next RS issue are not true. Don't give it to them, Adam! AD