Thursday, 7 May 2009

Top 4 Results

I'm going to keep this one brief for three reasons:

1. I'm flippin' exhausted. Being obsessed really does take its toll but I should be thankful that there was no Adam scare this week. After watching the show on Wednesday (it starts 1am here), I only managed to get to bed sometime after five because I just had to watch the performances a few more times beforehand. So I had next-to-nada in the way of sleep, only to have a packed day then stayed up to watch the results show last night, and again get to bed at stupid o'clock. I'm sure you can sympathise with me because you've also experienced the time-warping properties that Adam-related activities exhibit.

2. The stream I watched the results show on was rubbish. It was jerky, running at less than half a frame per second and sounding like a scratched CD. Really annoying because all the adverts were fine. I've decided to wait until tomorrow to watch it aired on TV rather than go through clips, so what I describe may seem to be an alternative distorted reality.

3. My last post was very long.

I wasn't feeling very nervous this week for Adam as it seemed that everyone was fired up after such a spectacular show from him and voted till their fingers bled. Still, I was quite interested in seeing Slash with the group and Paula's performance.

Adam came on looking pretty calm and relaxed. He was dressed in dark clothes, his hair had a soft look and he wasn't caked in makeup. He wore a jacket with an interesting cut and what I thought was a strange scarf that I didn't like - it resembled a dead snake - before later realising it was the sequined lapels of his jacket. Those trousers! They were a very skinny-fit affair with a tie-dye effect towards the outside. Were it anyone else, they would have looked pretty bad, but he worked them. I wondered how much of his outfit was sent to him by fans because he regularly wears his appreciation of them which I find heart-warming. On the advert, he also had a soft look with his hair parted on the opposite side to usual. He looked a bit like a cute college indie kid. When Adam was asked about his performance, he told us how much he loved his outfit. We loved it too! I admire the fact that he's never embarassed to talk about his love of clothes.

The group performance this week was 'School's Out' with Adam kicking off. Adam's vocals were great as usual and he did a good harmony with Allison. Even with Slash's efforts, I didn't really like the performance overall as it seemed like a very disjointed set of solos mish-mashed together. With the exception of Allison's shoving of Danny, it lacked rebellious spirit. I think it would've helped if they'd made a co-ordinated effort to at least look the part. I also thought that the song was pretty unsuitable considering everyone but Allison left school years ago. I guess I've not been much of a fan of the group performances apart from Paula's choreographed disco week routine. At least it wasn't as bad as 'Can't get you out of my head' though.

There was a lot of faffing about before the first result was announced. When Kris was told he was safe, he was in shock. From his post-performance expressions, he was expecting to be going home. Adam looked genuinely overjoyed for him, giving him an enthusiastic hug. There were no huge surprises and little fuss when Adam was declared safe. I actually missed the moment where Allison was told she was going home because the sound and picture were garbled up. I felt sad because she really didn't deserve it for the performances she gave. I'd put her in a very comfortable second behind Adam and thought Danny deserved to go, purely for his monumental failure in trying to ape Adam and the resulting excruciating train wreck of a mess he hurled up, despite the Schadenfreude kick it gave me. It was upsetting to see the break-up of a closely knit group who were so sad (apart from Danny, who wore a smug smile during Allison's swansong) to see her go. They gave her big hugs and I saw tears from both Allison and Adam.

OK so maybe that wasn't so brief. Two more weeks to go (I hope). It'll be a relief to get my life back but at the same time, I imagine the withdrawal symptoms will be quite unbearable.


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