Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Master of PR

Well my free time is still being dominated and I've been obsessing over what the excruciating viewing of the results show mean for Adam.  Was the release of the new Upright video of Gotta Get Thru This a specific message to his fans at this critical time?  It seems to be no coincidence and it's becoming more apparent that Adam is on the pulse when it comes to PR.  Is he the one who's pulling all the strings in the background?  All his YouTube videos increase people's admiration for him and show us what else he can do that he hasn't done on American Idol.  They show his alternative side, deepen his fanbase and have probably won over more legions of fans than what AI alone would have been able to do.  He seems to have his own parallel Adam Lambert Show simultaneously running on YouTube and we're as much looking forward to tuning in to the next installment of his Upright performances as his episodes of AI.  He's teasing us with the YouTube clips so we want more.  I'd guess that much of the YouTube demographic is different to the AI audience and one of the aims is to get the YouTube (and perhaps non-AI) fans on board to vote for him on AI.  Clever, no?


  1. Thank you for you blog. I read it regularly. Always agree. I find Adam and your analysis of him fascinating. And just like you, I am obsessed.